Posted by: forgingahead | June 7, 2009

LiveStrong San Jose 2009 Training Update

We had another good ride this weekend! Only a mile longer than our previous *long ride* but a bunch more vertical.

I’m becoming way more clued in about doing hills. I’m pretty comfortable doing 300 feet over a mile and I now know I can do 1,000 feet in 2 miles – twice (see the mention down below re: Metcalf Road)! And even 1,700 feet in 9 miles like on the Tunitas Creek ride we did a few weeks ago.

When we add up the course elevation gain we get about 3,500 and that’s what the course details page says. However, printed larger than life all over the elevation detail map is a big ‘ol 6,100.

Here, I’ll show you…

livestrong san jose elevation profile

See that monster at mile 68ish? That’s Metcalf Road, the ride we did a couple of weekends ago. She’s a beauty, no? 2 miles and 1,000 feet of pure climbing fun.

I figure I might look a little like this heatstroked koala bear that succumbed to temps over 100 degrees in Australia last February.

Here’s me being helped by my fellow LiveStrong cyclists:

cyclist rescues thirsty koala

And this is pretty identical to how I look at the end of our long rides:

koala doused by water bottle

There’s a short article and more cute photos of hot koalas here at news.

Working with coach Sage Rountree, the training so far has looked about this:

May 2 34 miles in 3:30 *1,800 vertical* Hwy 1 to Pescadero Rd loop
May 9 48 miles in 4:00 *2,000 vertical* Hwy 1 to Gazos Creek
May 16 47 miles in 4:15 *2,700 vertical* Tunitas Creek to Hwy 84 to Hwy 1 loop
May 23 59 miles in 5:30 *2,300 vertical* Hwy 1 to Ano Nuevo
May 30 20 miles in 2:00 *2,400 vertical* Practice climbing Metcalf Road in San Jose
June 6 60 miles in 6:00 *4,100 vertical* Tunitas Creek to Pescadero Rd to Stage Rd

And here’s the plan for the next 5 weeks:

June 13 Ride 6:30 hours
June 20 Ride 7 hours
June 27 Ride 3 hours (start taper)
July 4 Ride 2 hours (continue taper)
July 12 Ride 100 miles! LiveStrong Challenge San Jose

So according to my calculations here we’re averaging 10-12 mph including stops. And they close the course after 8 1/2 hours so I have to get my speed up to at least 12mph.

Read this fine print from the LiveStrong website:

If you are still on course after 7.5 hours and on pace to not finish in 8.5 hours, you will be politely asked by our staff to allow a SAG vehicle take you to a safe location near the finish line. Here, you will be allowed to ride through the finish and enjoy the post event party activities.

My goal? Finish the ride without an assist from the SAG. But nice to know it’s there!



  1. you should be fine!

  2. Amazing. I admire you!
    You’ve almost got me down to the garage to dust off the bike I used for the teeny weeny bike ride in the Danskin Tri.


  3. #1 – IN AWE.
    #2- STILL in. awe.
    #3 – Those hills!
    #4 – That picture – bwahahahahaaaa!!!!!
    #5 – SAG? Seriously? Couldn’t there be a better name for that?

    You are gonna rock it sister!

  4. Whooo hooooo – it’s getting close. YOu will be so ready! CUTE koalas!!! 🙂

  5. Such cute Koalas!!! You won’t need any help – you will do this ride with no issues, no whining, and with a big smile on your face….You go girl!

  6. Sag? No way! You can absolutely finish.

  7. Definately will be able to finish without being SAG’d. I know it!

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