Posted by: forgingahead | June 2, 2009

Meeting People in Person

I had breakfast this morning with a client who, until today, I had never met in person.

A lot of what I do is phone and email based so it’s not all that unusual. But it was a fun reminder of how well you can get to know people these days online.

Jeff and I are Facebook friends too so I keep up with his goings on in that way. Totally random tidbits about his travels that give me a nice, loosely connected feeling.

We also share friends in the blogosphere. He’s a member of Team Fatty Seattle so we swapped training stories this morning and he gave me tips. Jeff does a lot of climbing on an average cycling day so he knows from whence he speaks!

This afternoon I’m hoping to connect with a colleague from a long long time ago who happens to be in town for the JavaOne show. See, now I wouldn’t have known that were it not for Facebook.

I heart social networking 🙂

Corny, but true.


  1. Meeting people in person who you know first online is a little eerie because you know a lot about that person but you don’t know the WHOLE person and how it all gets ‘put together’.

    Still haven’t succumbed to Facebook. We will see how long I hold out. 😉

  2. wait wait, what do you DO

  3. I’ve reconnected with some good friends that I will get to visit with this year in my travels. I’m finally glad I joined FB. And a couple of my online friends have become good friends of mine (after I met them in person of course).

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