Posted by: forgingahead | May 28, 2009

Athleta Chi, Sage Rountree and Me

Me and my Trek 5200 and Fat Cyclist jersey

Do I, or do I not, look like a rock star? Oh, don’t burst my bubble. I feel like a rock star with my wicked fast Trek 5200 and sleek Fat Cyclist jersey. Bert, the talented guy I’m lucky to be married to, took me out for a real photo shoot the other day. I’m super psyched with the results.

Why a photo shoot? Patience my people. I’ll get there. First, there’s this line of clothing that totally rocks. Athleta makes lovely clothes so you can train *and* look fashionable and I’ve been a fan for years.

Last year they launched a site featuring inspirational women doing adventuresome and athletic things called Athleta Chi. I was honored to be one of the early contributors documenting the process of learning to love open water swimming with my wonderful guide Morgan Filler.

This year I’m tackling another first…that little ‘ol century bike ride with the LiveStrong Challenge as a member of Team Fatty San Jose. We’re riding to fight cancer and particularly to support Susan (WIN! Susan!) – the wife of my favorite comedic cycling blogger Fatty (Elden). Read his post What I Would Say to Cancer and I bet you’ll join our team too. Or at least scrape together some spare change and contribute to the cause.

I’ve been rambling on about my training these last few months but things stepped up when I got a Coach! Sage Rountree has been coaching me long distance via phone and email and we collaborated on a piece for Athleta Chi.

I heart my coach. Sage makes it all seem so manageable and fun and the confidence she’s giving me is bound to make those 100 miles just fly by in a haze of happiness and joy. Think I’m being overly optimistic? Perhaps. How about *at least I’ll finish!*

Ok, enough about me. Now go read what Sage and I wrote over at Athleta Chi. I know I’m being bossy. It’s the Leo in me. I’m just so jazzed. Must be all that training! Plus there are even *more* cool photos in the article. Bonus!



  1. Yes. You do look like a rock star.

  2. I want to see the pictures from the photo shoot…

  3. nice job

  4. You are a rock star!! Awesome team fatty jersey!!! Can’t wait for your 100 miles! 🙂

  5. You do look like a rockstar, and I love Athleta. I think you’re the perfect match.

  6. Awesome picture. You are gonna rock the 100 miles.

  7. Awesome article! That is cool. I was just browsing one of their catalogs today eye some skirts. 🙂

  8. You ride Trek too! You look fabulous! I’m in awe!

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