Posted by: forgingahead | May 14, 2009

Running out of excuses

I planned to run this morning. Set my alarm to get up early and run in the calm before morning commuters hit the road and the infamous SF winds gained momentum.

And then I didn’t. The fog came swirling down from Twin Peaks and it just looked unappetizing outside.

My Kona friends are enjoying a good laugh right now…they know a little something about wind. They scoff at my wind.

Then I was going to run at lunchtime. The weather was nice by then. The sun shining. But I was busy. Working. And was unsuccessful at making myself stop.

I made a solemn promise to myself to run right after I finished work for the day. Alas, by then the fog was in the process of returning with a vengeance.

As I watched the trees get whipped around I double checked to see what the deal was. WINDY said the forecast…gusting to 30 mph. Yep, that looked about right.

I was watching the Lakers get thumped on and feeling restless. Kept double checking the status of the trees and watching fog swirl.

At 9pm I finally ran out of excuses and put on my shoes.

So glad I did. Seems the wind is really only blowing on my street. The run was great! Quiet and calm for 90% of the way and my body is thanking me for getting it moving again.



  1. sounds perfect, good for you for putting on the shoes and just doing it 🙂

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