Posted by: forgingahead | May 12, 2009

48 Miles and Counting

So much to share! So little time.

Important things first…I have a cycling coach! Sage Rountree is a yoga goddess and super athlete. Gotta love that combo. We had our kickoff phone confab last week! I’m psyched. Pretty sure this makes me a real athlete, you know, having a coach and all. It doesn’t mean I have to go faster though. Or does it?

Anywho, the goal for this weekend was to add 7 miles to our previous long ride (40 miles). Bert scoped out a way for us to go further South on Highway One to extend the ride.

It was great! Sure, I whined here and there. Mostly when we came upon a serious headwind out of nowhere. And it was COLD! The forecast for the day was balmy and like a silly person I believed it. Didn’t wear quite enough clothes.

I did enjoy my almond butter sandwich at Mile 30. I see now why the experts suggest including some food you chew into the GU and liquid diet mix. Yum!

Post-cycling meals always seem to taste extra yummy too. The enchiladas I had for lunch were delish. Followed by high tea with my mom…scones, crumpets and those adorable little crustless sandwiches.

A good day indeed!


  1. Woohoo! You’ll be in great shape for your ride this summer!

  2. It doesn’t mean you *have* to go faster…but i’m sure she will have you going faster in no time! That’s what they do…or at least that is what I found mine does.

  3. High tea – I do that with my mom too! I love the scones and devonshire cream!!! YUM! You are going to be speedy on that bike without even realizing it 🙂

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