Posted by: forgingahead | May 7, 2009

Playing Catch Up

Is it really Thursday? My oh my, where did Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday go?

Ok, this is going to be a catch-up kind of post. Quick overview. Bullet points. You with me?

* Jenny finished her first ever Marathon!! Injury and all. She just powered through it with her usual good humor and grace. Twitting along the way even. Go Jenny. So proud of you!

* Charisa came in 2nd in her age group and 3rd amateur woman OVERALL in the Wildflower long course race. Let’s just stop and have a moment of reverential awe for this achievement. Wow. This is one tough race and Charisa rocked! Love her race report too. She’s all “it was hard but fun.” Understatement of the year. You gotta check out her photos of wrestling off her wetsuit. Classic.

* Courtenay clashed with a sharp rock on her departure from the swim portion of Wildflower and still did the bike. Happy to say she did the wise thing and skipped the run due to the blood gushing from her foot. Hope your injury heals up quickly Court!

* Kelly came in 2nd in her age group but it sounds like it was a tough race on her body and she spent her share of time in the medical tent with an IV. Sure hope she recovers. Kelly is a fair-skinned Irish lass like myself and I can so relate to some of her physical challenges. On a *much* smaller scale of course.

* I did NOT do a 50 mile ride as planned. I blame the rain. I know, I know. Wimpy. We did our usual 34 mile loop and patted ourselves on the back. Well, at least I did. I’m all about the self-congratulatory portion of training. It’s my strong suit.

I have managed to squeeze in a 5 mile run and 1 mile swim since Sunday so there is that.

* Zinger is under the weather. He started hurling on Friday and seemed to adhere to a strict schedule of waiting for the middle of the night and finding the nicest rug in the house and then giving back all his food. He’s such a giver.

We hauled him off to the vet yesterday after trying a few home remedies with mixed success. The good news is his bloodwork is all good. So now we do a few days of antacid pills and special food and house arrest.

He’s not a fan of the house arrest part. Keeps meowing plaintively at the back door as if to say, “What is *wrong* with you people? Let. Me. Out. NOW!”

This more than anything has knocked me on my proverbial tush. I do not handle it well when my animals are in pain so everyone cross your fingers and toes please!

* I’m slammed with work (a good thing) and falling woefully behind on everything else. Training, housework (stop giggling, I do housework sometimes) and if you ask Bert he’ll gladly detail how very little food I prepare. He calls it my diet technique. Really? Yogurt and grapenuts for dinner again?

So that’s the catch-up! Looking forward to enjoying high tea with mom this weekend. Such a girly and fun thing to do.



  1. I was, of course, thinking of calling you wimpy. That is always the first thought that comes to mind when I think of you – no, that’s what I think when I think of me. I got confused.

  2. self-congratulatory part of training and racing is the best part!!! 🙂

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