Posted by: forgingahead | April 27, 2009

Santa Barbara Bike Ride Redux

Bert and I headed down to Santa Barbara early Friday morning. Zinger the cat comes along on these little jaunts. SB is a second home to him…that’s how often he visits.

We went to SB to visit Bert’s mom but we brought the bikes too with plans to do the Santa Barbara Triathlon route again. Without all the people and fanfare of the race.

Up early Saturday we headed out with only one layer. I mean, we’re in Santa Barbara for goodness sake. It doesn’t ever really get cold there. Cold being a relative term.

Ah, but I forgot to figure in the wind chill factor and I was *not warm* for the first 30 minutes. Not shivering cold, but just chilled enough to keep my legs pumping faster than usual. Anything to get the blood flowing.

The day was bright sunshine and as we cruised along the coast the ocean twinkled in the light.

The race was last August. I hadn’t done a ton of cycling to prepare…really only enough to know that I could probably finish the ride in one piece. So it was fun to do the same route 8 months later and see how much more confident I am in my skillz.

Interesting observations:

1. When it’s not a race I find all sorts of reasons to stop. Gotta go to the bathroom. Need to stretch. Want to stretch some more. Seriously, I stopped 3 (or was it 4?) times this weekend. And I whined a little bit (ok, Bert would say *a lot*). During the race? Didn’t stop once.

2. The 34 mile loop took me 2:40 during the race. We did it in 2:20 (backing out all the stopping) this weekend. So only 20 minutes faster. Which isn’t bad, but what surprises me is that I was (relatively) fast 8 months ago after having swum 1 mile and not being in quite as *good* shape. Or maybe I was. Interesting.

We tacked on some extra mileage by riding straight from Mom’s house so it was close to a 40 mile ride…a new all time distance.

Next weekend? 50 miles or bust. That LiveStrong Century is July 12th and I gotta be ready!



  1. Very cool indeed. Cycle on, woman!

  2. Sounds like a wonderful weekend! 50 miles…no way…I’ll take the car! But you go girl!

  3. I’m sure you will be more than ready by july for your century! Sounds like a great weekend.

  4. 50 miles…really?
    Holy crap

  5. 20 minutes is a LOT! You’ll be ready for your century! 🙂

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