Posted by: forgingahead | April 20, 2009

Movies and Gelato

The documentary about the short life of John Cazale that was saw last week was good. Not great but definitely worth checking out if you have HBO. It will be aired on HBO sometime this summer and they’re showing it in art-house theaters around the country to drum up interest.

The director did a Q&A after the screening and it was fun to hear first hand about the interview he did with Al Pacino. Al and John worked together on Dog Day Afternoon and the two Godfather movies and Al’s enthusiam for John’s talent is evident in his interview. Al (you don’t mind of I call you Al, do you?) could barely stay in his seat he was so excited to talk about working with Mr. Cazale.

And Meryl Streep was interviewed too…she and John were a couple when he was diagnose and then ultimately succumbed to lung cancer at the way too young age of 42.

The highlight of the night was a Lemon Drop cocktail at Swank with some friends. Yum!

Saturday I took my mom’s advice to heart and sampled some gelato. After partaking in a few gelato locations around the city I feel quite confident in declaring Gelato Classico in North Beach the best!


This fabulous gelato heaven opened in 1976 and they’ve been serving up creamy gelato ever since. My favorite flavor is Coppa Mista (a mix of vanilla, chocolate, pistachio and almond – YUM!) and we added dark chocolate to the cup to round out the flavors.

I say we because Bert and I shared a cup. We didn’t share when we toured Italy for 6 weeks back in 2000 and ate gelato EVERY. DAY.

But now we do.



  1. Hey, enter the BSNYC drawing — if you win, you can fly out and have some awesome gelato here in Philly…

  2. That looks so good. I would never share!

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