Posted by: forgingahead | April 15, 2009

Ok, what’s up with my traffic

I’m stymied. Mystified. Yesterday was the busiest day for my little blog. And I don’t understand.

Searches for *running* and *ice cream* are at an all time high.

My *theory* (imagine me making air-quote marks here) is that people want to eat more ice cream and it turns out running is the best way to do that without gaining weight.

Hence the connection.


If I’d only known that ice cream was such a popular blog topic I would have started the *the ice cream diet* blog. Hey, maybe I will just as a test to see who comes.

Sure, I can fit another blog into my jam packed schedule of running, cycling, swimming, yoga, horse riding, tweeting, facebooking, blogging, gardening, watching TV and reading books. Woops. Oh yea, and working. Gotta make time for that too.

My other *theory* is that people are so desperate to get away from taxes (happy tax day – don’t forget to file!) that they’ll read anything on the web. Including my blog.

Gotta go stand in line at the Post Office!

Update: Ok, I created an ice cream blog I couldn’t resist 🙂



  1. They have a lot in common, no? 🙂 We all need more ice cream in our lives!

  2. First of all – love your hair!! Seriously – very nice 🙂 And ice cream blog?! fun!!

  3. Maybe you should do an experiment. Next time talk about gelato and see if you get a similar response!
    Where can we get a good gelato now-a-days?

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