Posted by: forgingahead | April 10, 2009


Here’s the thing about resuming training after abdominal surgery and a six week break. You get to become intimately reacquainted with your body; the muscles, the lungs, the heart.

On a run, for example, your quads give you a little shout out to say, “hey, we’ve been on vacation and this pace you think you’re setting? Not so much.”

Or on the bike trying like mad to hang onto Bert’s wheel as he rockets down the road. My legs are trying to fly and my heart and lungs send this message out: THAT. IS. ENOUGH.

Today was my maiden voyage in the pool. And what, dear friends, do you think I felt? My core. Picture if you will a darkened room and a giant bright spotlight focused on your tummy. That’s what the first several laps felt like.

Don’t get me wrong…it was a super cool sensation. Like rediscovering that you can flex your fingers. But different. Ok, bad metaphor. You get the gist.

I took Maggs advice to heart that the first time back for any of my sports were likely to feel extra sluggish. Boy was she right.

While I was busy figuring out if the tugging and twisting and stretching in my abdomen were a good pain or not, my arms started to protest their usage. Then my legs. I told them all to just hush up.

And then I sprinted. That felt GREAT! I mean the not being able to breathe after each 50 yard sprint, not so great. But the pushing my body and having it hold up? The best!

Plus, I had been weaker on my right arm stroke. Mostly I thought is was due to an old shoulder injury. But I now realize some of it was the cyst on the right side of my body. I think it was creating a weakness too.

Because today it felt like I could get stronger. Which is nice. I like breathing off both sides and I haven’t been breathing to the left as often in order to protect my weak right side.

Bottom line, recovering is moving along swimmingly. And I’m so happy to be back in the pool!


  1. Swimmingly wonderful Kathleen!
    When is your next “event”?

  2. oh congratulations KB, that’s awesome news!

  3. Good to hear! And that the surgery fixed more than the cyst?…awesome.

  4. It will all come back soon!

  5. Glad you’re back at it!

  6. Sounds like it is all coming back together!

  7. Awesome swimming (and breathing!) 🙂

  8. Good for you! I love hearing about how you are progressing.
    I hope you had a good weekend.

  9. Ahh! Swimming is the best! Sure you may have felt it a bit more, but I bet your body was lovin’ it! Yay weightlessness!

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