Posted by: forgingahead | April 9, 2009

Making New Friends

I made a new friend yesterday! You know those conversations where you SO get *exactly* where the other person is coming from that you can’t sit still? I found myself shifting around in my chair, leaning forward and vigorously nodding at every story Sandy told.

Let me back up a bit. I’m in full-on networking mode these days. Many clients are taking a *wait-and-see* approach and projects are lean. So what does a marketing consultant do when she isn’t swamped with the work? We network! That’s code for meeting for new people. On the phone. In person. Whatever the universe offers.

A good friend of mine (thank you Norman!) suggested that Sandy and I meet and swap ideas. How many of you spend your days meeting new people? Unless you’re in sales then I’m guessing not many.

Now I’m not really a shy person but there’s still that slight sense of excitement/nervousness to walk into Peet’s and sit down with a total stranger. But here’s the fun part. Of course we both know Norman. But in the days leading up to our meeting we also became FB friends and shared blogs. The joys of social networking!

By the time we met in person we already knew that we had a similar high-tech background, shared a passion for running and had recently survived a surgical experience. From there is was just plain fun to flesh out the stories in person.

Sandy told me about this Nike+ chip he wears when he runs that automatically tracks all his mileage. He’s participating in a “Believe in the Run” contest at Brickfish and I just love his entry. Here, I’ll give you a moment to check it out too:


The fine print says this:

2175 miles since I joined Nike+.
1620 miles since I watched my Hoyas reach the Final Four.
1224 miles since I trekked to Cooperstown (Go Cal!).
1075 miles since I left rain (Seattle) for sun (Bay Area).
938 miles since I wore out my last iPod Nano.
515 miles since I underwent open heart surgery.
510 miles since I watched my 2nd daughter born.
393 miles since I started my own business.
143 miles since I saw my guy become President.
7 miles since I woke up this morning.
Life changes but the run stays the same.

If you love it as much as I do you can VOTE for it.

On another note, I just discovered that my friend Jenny on the Spot made a music video! She rocks. It’s super fun and clever and set to a great tune. If you’re looking for a reason to smile today, check it out!


  1. wow, cool!

  2. That is great.
    I would love to get a chip like that.
    7 feet walked since she last opened the fridge.
    14 hours inertia while she sat on the sofa.
    I’m no competition. He has my vote.

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