Posted by: forgingahead | April 7, 2009

Quiet Running

Last night was one of those *perfect storm* evenings for a run in San Francisco.

* Major TV event (NCAA Final). Check!

* Unusually calm and balmy evening. Check!

* Beautiful cerulean blue sky and nearly full moon. Check!

I was either smart enough or lucky enough to recognize the confluence of events and get my butt off the couch. Really, it was the threat of rain later in the evening that motivated me, but we’ll keep that between us.

When there is something big on television the quantity of traffic drops off a lot. I mean I can run for three blocks with NO CARS. And in a city as bustling as SF that’s a real treat.

Apparently the NCAA Final is a big deal. I heard on NPR earlier in the day that their Neilsen ratings were predicted to be 12 points, which means 12% of people with TVs would be tuning in.

In the Noe Valley neighborhood of SF I think the percentage was way way higher. At least from the TVs I could see through the windows. It was more along the lines of 99%. Apparently, we’re a sporty neighborhood.

I digress.

I did a 2.2 mile loop a few days ago to see what my legs would say. They remained surprisingly quiet in the complaint department. So last night I attempted my old standby; the 5 mile loop.

Mile one was creaky. Mile two and three were fun. Mile four was hard but still fun…mostly because this is the stretch with the amazing views of downtown and the lights were sparkling and the moon was shining and I was grooving to the extended version of Coldplay’s Thin White Duke remix.

Mile five was hard. But a good kind of hard. The kind that when I get back to my old fitness levels I won’t even notice. So it’s all good.

Considering I had an hour lesson on Now Voyager with Anke today (and boy did she put us to work) and Bert and I did a 34 mile bike ride the day before I’m pretty darn pleased with myself.

See this grin? That’s me being pleased.

I gotta put a shout out to my Tri-blogging buddies who raced this weekend!

Three of them raced the Oceanside 70.3 (that’s a half ironman distance 1.2 mile swim, 56 mile bike and 13.1 mile run). Charisa Wernick took 3rd right behind Rachel Ross. Courtenay Brown debuted as a pro and had a great race too!

Maggs braved the New Orleans 70.3 which sounded extremely miserable, conditions-wise. Not to mention disorganized. Sounds like she had a tough race and still came in fourth place!

Congrats Charisa, Rachel, Court and Maggs!!


  1. You are an inspiration.

  2. sounds like your path is a good one 🙂 keep up the great work KB!

  3. thank you for the congratulations! and the well-wishes beforehand!

    i’m glad to hear your recovery is going well, and looking forward to horsey photos in the future… i’m (as of now, tentatively) planning to go to maryland for six weeks in may and june. i will get on a horse. hopefully a lot of times!!!!!!!!

  4. Awesome that you are coming back strong! Keep chipping at it and you will get your fitness back in no time.

  5. Glad you’re getting to run!

    Thanks for the comment- the knee held up, but I guess running in the pool just didn’t quite keep me fit enough! But- I can run again so all is good!

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