Posted by: forgingahead | March 31, 2009

All Systems Go

I saw the doctor yesterday for my (nearly) six week checkup and he gave me the best news. I’m healed!

This is what I’m going to be doing a lot of now…


Except that I won’t be wearing pro-gear. Or going that fast. And I’m not Tom Boonen. Except for those few minor details.

But I will be training for my first ever century ride with Livestrong on July 12th in San Jose. So I’ll definitely be riding many miles between now and then.

I’m also psyched to be doing some of this too…


Also not me. I don’t look nearly this elegant and fleet of foot.

There will lots of hours spent doing this too…


And then, of course, Now Voyager and I can resume our training too. He’s going to be so happy!


I’m absolutely giddy with excitement! Thanks to each of you for your encouragement and words of wisdom. Your support helped me weather this time off with style and grace.



  1. YAHHHHHH! So happy you get to be active and do the things you love again! 🙂 And I bet you look elegant when you run!

  2. CONGRATULATIONS 🙂 that’s FANTASTIC news!!!! have fun getting back out there and livin’ it up!

  3. Great news; get on out there, girl!

  4. Fantastic! Very glad to hear that you have recovered.
    Now hopefully you will get some wonderful spring weather your way so you can get out and do all those activities!

  5. Go out and be your magnificent, athletic self and have fun!

    Love ya,


  6. That’s just the best news! Congratulations! I can’t wait to see more riding photos. No go have fun!

  7. YEA!!! Make sure to keep listening to the body too 🙂 I”m sure you will. But awesome!

  8. Absolutely – great news:) You are woman – RAWR!

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