Posted by: forgingahead | March 29, 2009

The 24th Street Stroll

Saturday was a rare sunny and nearly wind-free day in San Francisco. Bert and I strapped on our walking shoes and did the 24th Street stroll.

24th Street is two miles long and runs East-West with the trendy yuppie Noe Valley neighborhood (yes I live here, no I’m not trendy) at the Western end and the gritty funky Mission District at the other.

As we strolled along the Noe section we people-watched. Young couples dressed casually in linen. That wrinkled-but-you-know-it-costs-a-pretty-penny look. Lots of baby stroller and soon-to-be mommies. Noe is known for its high baby quotient.


We wandered through the neighborhood Farmer’s Market soaking up the wonderful smells and brightly colored fruits and vegetables. People are so happy when the sun is shining. Lots of sundresses and hats and sandals.

Lunch was tasty fish tacos at Papalote on Valencia…right where the neighborhood transition to funky begins. I *heart* their fish tacos. Flaky white fish soaked in butter and wine and dressed with lettuce and tomatoes. Swoon.


The other diners are always a fascinating mix of tatoos and piercings. Here the dress code tends towards the kind of mixing and matching that if I attempted it would NOT work that well. But somehow they pull it off.

Apparently a local yoga class had just finished up too because there were quite a few couples in yoga gear ordering bean and rice burritos – hold the rice. And no, I did not make that up.

Post lunch we continued to stroll into the heart of the Mission District. Multiple taquerias on every block had my tummy rumbling from all the good smells. Between the taquerias were bakery windows stacked top to bottom with assorted colorful pastry delights.


A few blocks further we discovered a definite morphing of the neighborhood. Seems a trendy coffeehouse or three have opened up and the people-watching shifted once again from the local Hispanic population doing their weekend grocery shopping to the young urban hip crowd.

Sugarlump Coffee Lounge is my personal fave. Their leather couches and dark wood floor lulled me into a zen space the moment I walked in. Perhaps they secretly only serve decaf because this was the *most* mellow coffee crowd I’d ever seen.

On our walk home we detoured over to Mitchell’s Ice Cream, a SF mainstay, for some of their super tasty Mexican Chocolate flavor. It seemed the proper way to end our day.




  1. Yum. I want to take a stroll on 24th Street. Like, right about NOW, please. Yum.

  2. Mitchell’s in my FAVORITE ice cream! Glad you had such an awesome day.

  3. Oh Kathleen… I just want to come visit and listen to people order no rice with their rice and bean burritos. But without my kids. I don’t want to add the the stroller traffic. Besides, they’d distract our conversation, so… what I am saying is I sure wish I could visit without my kids! 🙂 Big hugs to you!

  4. YUM!! That all looks fantastic.

  5. Those tacos look awesome!

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