Posted by: forgingahead | March 27, 2009

Power Gardening

I imagine this play by play of my aches and pains is getting old. I know it is for me.

Monday I had that super fun (and really quite easy) bike ride over the GG Bridge.

Tuesday I was sore. Not in a good way. So I rested. Wednesday I rested. Boring, but necessary.

Yesterday though, after getting tired of twirling my thumbs and counting countwebs I ventured into the garden for a training session.

The task? Weeding.

Many weeds gave up the ghost under my relentless digging and tugging and generally making a menace of myself.

Training-wise, however, gardening doesn’t really pay. No elevated heartrate. No interval work.

Sure, perhaps my hamstrings got a wee bit stronger from all the squatting down. But I kinda doubt it.

The garden, however, looks less overrun with those evil buggers than it did the day before. For that I am a happy camper!

Bert repotted this lovely black bamboo and moved it up to our deck to filter the early morning light. There’s the added bonus of making us smile every time we see it gently drifting in the breeze outside our kitchen window.

Have a great Friday!




  1. Your garden is too neat. Want a work out gardening? Come and tackle my jungle! I guarantee you will be sweating after an hour of that.

  2. Gardening works for me! It is aerobic exercise for me but then again, I have lots and lots of weeds!

  3. Gardening is grand! I say go for it. Love that bamboo; very classy indeed.

  4. You’ll get back there bit by bit. And in the meantime your garden will be fantastic! There are upsides.

  5. Just being a Mom-but all that bending and stretching/pulling not so good for the abdomen right now;-(

    I know you are anxious to be back to your old self; patience my darling daughter. Take care of yourself!

  6. Gardening is great – and I bet it was a good workout 🙂

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