Posted by: forgingahead | March 24, 2009

Tourists, Bikes and the Golden Gate Bridge

I’m back on my bike! Yipee!

I did a couple of very short rides last week to see how my body would deal. All went well so yesterday we headed out to the Golden Gate Bridge.

It was a perfect Spring day! Crystal clear blue skies and brisk wind to keep things interesting.

As we were getting our gear together in a parking lot just below the bridge we watched with trepidation long lines of tourists embarking on their SF adventure. On rented bikes.

There were adult bikes towing tricycles and tandem bikes and regular bikes. There were old people and young. Big and slight.

The one constant was the giant grin on every face. Me too. The sweeping views of the ocean, Marin headlands and Angel island are jaw dropping and the city looked like a gem dropped into paradise.

Our trip out was relatively uneventful. It was still early enough in the day that there was space on the shared path for the pedestrians and cyclists…fast and slow.

Since my two rides last week were only 30 minutes we planned to keep this one under two hours. So we turned around at Mill Valley and headed to the Sausalito Gourmet Deli to reward ourselves with the world’s best baklava.

Had the baklava packed to go and biked the block over to Cafe Trieste for a yummy latte. My idea of heaven. Baklava and latte in Sausalito in the middle of a Monday. Life is good.

The trip back had me going UP hills and I was slow and cautious. Maybe that contributed to my general frustration with the tourists going back over the bridge. Because they’d quadrupled in quantity.

I clipped out at least two dozen times in order to avoid running into a person coming straight towards me in the middle of the path. Granted they were all talking with their friends or taking in the sights.

But I gotta say, it just doesn’t seem safe to mix tourists on foot and on bikes.

And I’m seriously going to consider starting my next ride on the Northern side of the bridge.



  1. Glad you are feeling better.

  2. YAY!! Good to see you are doing better and back out on the bike. Still take it easy though – listen to your body…

  3. Oh, fun ride! But I’ve only gone one way, to Tiburon, so we could ride the boat back! Lazy me! I’m jealous of your weather with our grey/40s/drizzle lately.

  4. I don’t know if I could live in a city that always seems to have a steady flow of tourists…I guess there are pros and cons to any city…
    Glad to hear you are back to normal (almost)

  5. So fun you can bike again!!

  6. yay!

    i know, starting in marin, crazy

  7. Awesome that you are back on the bike! Navigating people who won’t pay attention can be frustrating!

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