Posted by: forgingahead | March 19, 2009

Home Again

We’re back from our travels to the depths of Southern California. Well okay, not really the depths. More like the deserts.

As much fun as it is to travel and see new things and enjoy new experiences, I love coming home.

Perhaps some of my euphoria can be traced to being healthy again. Well enough to do a mini-ride on my bike and walk around the arena on the back of Now Voyager.

It certainly doesn’t hurt that the day is absolutely glorious! Sunshine. Light breeze. I keep getting tugged outside to the garden by the dancing air that whispers *come play outside* and out I go.

Zinger is happy to be home too. He’s a traveling cat, albeit somewhat reluctantly. His time on the road probably feels more like a prison sentence since he’s pretty much confined indoors.

At the moment he’s soaking up the sun on the back deck. Ah the life of a well-fed feline.


Zinger likes his routines and it turns out so do I. Like writing this blog. I’ve missed my daily dose of writing. And reading. I’m terribly behind on the lives of my bloggy friends.

I’ve missed my training too. This time last year I was just starting to train for my very first triathlon. Actually, training was not a word that even existed in my lexicon.

So it’s kind of fitting that I’m starting over again a year later. This time from a stronger base and a better understanding of my body. There’s that euphoric feeling again!


  1. It’s so fun to go away and then come home again and realize how much you love where you live!! Glad you are getting healthy and able to train again! The cat pic is awesome! 🙂

  2. Starting over is exciting. Welcome home!

  3. Glad to hear the time away did you well. Sounds like you are all rested up and started to get back into all the fun! Just in time for nicer weather too.

  4. Welcome home 🙂 I love leaving Hawaii for a little while so I can come back and remember why I love it here.

  5. you have to make sure you clean though before you leave, otherwise you come home and are liek UGH I LIVE IN A DUMP. not that this happens to me like every weekend….

  6. Zinger is a great looking cat with a wonderful name!

  7. Welcome home my darling daughter. I love coming home to my Northern California home as well. The mustard seed is bright yellow against the green vineyards, grasses and trees. The contrast is quite striking against the blue sky sprinkled with white, fluffy clouds.
    I definitely agree with Kelly. It is much better to come home to clean digs, but doesn’t take us long to “mess it up”;-)
    Thanks for visiting us in our desert home and making our birthday celebrations so special because you were there.

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