Posted by: forgingahead | March 8, 2009

The Desert

It’s kind of funny to be in a foreign environment while my body still feels foreign to me too. The net effect is a general sense of being out of balance. I’m trying to go with the flow.

I got in the pool yesterday. One stroke and I knew I have a lot more healing to do. My entire core rippled with soreness and protested my attempt to keep my legs kicking.

So today I went for a walk with Bert and my mom into the desert. It’s right across the street here in the Palm Springs area.

The desert is a strange place. Seemingly devoid of life but up close there are tiny little blossoms thriving and roadrunners streaking along the trails.

Kind of a mirror image of me. Seemingly the same person I was two weeks ago but in reality so tentative and weak. Frustrating as all get out…then I remember your words of wisdom. Got to let things really heal and then I’ll be even better and stronger.

So in the meantime I’m attempting to embrace a life of leisure. Reading by the pool. Contemplating my navel. Things I used to do for hours on end.

The bike, the pool, the running path, the horse are a constant background murmur whispering sweet nothings to tempt me back into their sphere of influence.

In the meantime I’ll dabble. Dogpaddle around the pool and walk at half speed.

And then one day, like Forest Gump, I’ll run.



  1. I feel your pain – literally. Hang in there, Kathleen. A life of leisure has some benefits, I’m sure. I’ll let you know when I find them. In the meantime, we should start a support group.

  2. Navels are so interesting. You will be amazed how much time you can spend on it.

  3. Dog paddling is fun 🙂 You are being smart and listening to your body – it will let you know when it is ready to dive back in! Enjoy the desert!

  4. Let your body heal. It will get there in time, best to keep listening and it will right itself sooner rather than later. Enjoy Palm Springs…it was great this weekend!

  5. And I have no doubt with your great attitude, you really will soar.

  6. You know, one good thing about this experience is to show you what incredible shape you were in. And your body will be back there in no time. 🙂 Keep it up!

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