Posted by: forgingahead | March 1, 2009

Make Me Laugh Monday: A Special Store

mmlm I’m back and ready to share a little humor with my peeps on this fine Monday! Warning: content is not really kid-appropriate so send the little people out to play while you wind your way through this little ditty. Then hop on over to JennyontheSpot for more giggles.

A “Husband” store just opened up in Manhattan where a woman may go to pick up a husband (one per customer).

The rules: You must start at the First Floor and work your way up until you make a selection or ultimately to the highest floor, the Sixth Floor.

At each floor you’ll have to choose to pick a husband from that floor or go to the next floor.

You may only visit each floor once and cannot return. No going back.

Along comes a woman seeking a husband. She enters the First Floor and finds a sign which reads: These Men Have Jobs!

She likes that but thinks she wants more so she goes on to the Second Floor which reads: These Men Have Jobs and Love Kids!

“Hmmm,” she thinks, “that’s nice.” But she continues to the Third Floor which reads: These Men Have Jobs, Love Kids, and are Extremely Good Looking!

“Wow,” she’s really getting into in now and virtually runs up to the Fourth Floor and finds the sign that reads: These Men Have Jobs, Love Kids, are Drop-dead Gorgeous, and Help with the Housework!

“Oh, mercy me,” she’s dazed now, “I can’t believe it can get better than this!” She stumbles up to the Fifth Floor and reads: These Men Have Jobs, Love Kids, are Drop-dead Gorgeous, Help with the Housework and Have a Strong Romantic Streak!

She’s soooo tempted to grab one of these but now she’s not thinking clearly and wonders about the possibilities of Floor Six. So, up she goes…..

Where the sign reads:

You are visitor 31,456,012 and there are NO men on this floor. This floor exists solely as proof that women are impossible to please! Thank you for coming, the exit is over there….

Now at the “Wife” store across the street…

The First Floor has a sign that reads: These Women Love Sex!

The Second Floor reads: These Women Love Sex and Have Money!

The Third Floor reads: These Women Love Sex, Have Money, and Like Beer!

No one has ever gone to Floors Four, Five or Six….



  1. I love this one! Thanks for reminding me of it!

  2. I am laughing! Thank you for this:)

  3. haha – love it – thanks!!

  4. hahahaha! I’ve never heard the Wife store version! My husband has forwarded the Husband store joke to me a few times…usually right after I complain that he doesn’t do enough around the house…

  5. Hahahaa! That’s hilarious! Oh we women… at least we don’t settle… right:


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