Posted by: forgingahead | February 24, 2009

Too Much TV

My days lately have gone like this…

4am: Wake up – eat some yogurt – take some Vicoden – go back to sleep.

6am: Wake up again – eat some yogurt – take some Motrin – go back to sleep.

8am: Wake up one more time – eat some yogurt – take more Vicoden – turn on the TV.

Rest of the day: More drugs. More TV.

Alec Baldwin makes me laugh. When I saw this Super Bowl ad I laughed and laughed.

I’m not much of (well I wasn’t) a TV watcher so part of me was laughing with a touch of smug superiority.

Now it just seems like he’s reporting the cold hard facts of my life…

It’s been raining pretty steadily here the last few days and that, combined with my pain, kept me safely ensconced in bed watching TV.

Well folks, the sun is out this morning and I’m feeling a little better so I’m headed outside! I’m breaking the cycle of turning on the TV.

At least until later today.

p.s. If anyone can teach this novice how to post a Hulu video I’d love you forever. Seems I only have success with YouTube, hence the Hulu embedded YouTube video. Weird, I know.



  1. Yep, TV and recovery from surgery go hand in hand. It gets old pretty quick, doesn’t it?
    Hope you are on the mend! Don’t let your brain turn to mush like Baldwin says….ha!

  2. I love that commercial. I love Alec Baldwin and I am really starting to love hulu!
    When you click on a video at hulu, make sure that while it starts up, you don’t have your cursor over the window. When you move it down, you will see a little “embed” icon on the upper left side of the video. Then just copy and paste in your html code for your post! Hope that helps!

  3. feel better soon KB 🙂

  4. I am so sorry you are feeling so bad! I hope you feel better soon. And I’ve never done a video so I can’t help there.

  5. It’s funny that someone would put a Hulu video on YouTube, since Hulu is almost like an “officially sanctioned” YouTube for copyrighted material.

    And grabbing the code from Hulu is just like YouTube – hover the mouse over the Hulu screen and in the upper left hand corner there’s the Embed button. Click, highlight, copy and paste into your HTML.

  6. Yah for a trip outside! Hope you continue to heal quick!

  7. I hope you feel better soon. I have no idea what Hulu is or how to use it. But I can do the hula.

  8. Ha! I am having a problem with Hulu… I dunno…

    SO glad your surgery went well… and that you got to go outside… I hope you are at 100% very, very soon…. Big cyber hugs your way 🙂 happy drugging up!

  9. Drugs? TV? That sounds like the ideal existence to me! (jk of course). But Alec does make me laugh like no other. You have great taste K. Hope you’re feeling better and off those drugs soon!

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