Posted by: forgingahead | February 12, 2009

Rainy Day Riding

The wind was uncharacteristically quiet as we donned our gear to keep warm in the early morning chill and pushed off. Riding down the coast the ocean relaxed under the gaze of the rising sun.

Fifteen minutes later the first fat raindrop splattered my arm. Wait just a minute. I checked before we left the house. No way is it supposed to rain.

Splat goes another drop. Guess mother nature doesn’t read the web.

We cycle on. It’s a relatively light drizzle and with sunshine all around it sure seems we can cycle out from under this one dark cloud.

And we do. The wind we generate from pushing our bodies through the air on two wheels quickly dries the collected water.

Left turn up ahead. Into the valley we go. Up and down. Enjoying the sunshine and the rain reprieve. Round the hairpin turn at Tracy Chapman’s house (which is for sale).

Start the climb. Pushing to keep the 8:30 pace I did last week I barely notice the new collection of drops on my arms.

Bree, Charisa, Sarah, Courtenay, Kelly, Rachel, Lorpeedo, Maggs, Jenny…their stories of pushing through tough workouts spur me on.

The rain moves from persistant to nuisance. I persist too. Cadence up. Remember to breath. Go Kathleen go.

I reach the top 10 seconds faster than my PR. The rain keeps coming.

What I’ve gained time-wise on the climb I lose ten fold on the descent. This hills scares me on dry days. With small streams crossing it at dangerous corners I ride at a near standstill.

Splashing through a puddle on the flat soaks my left foot up to my calf. THIS is a torrential downpour. Good thing we’re only 10 minutes from the car.

It’s a toss up whether going faster is better. One leads to a faster finish. The other increases the soaked quotient courtesy of the stream of water my back wheel is kicking up.

Three minutes from the end we burst into sunshine. The rain is gone and the ocean greets us with the same calm facade. Looking back the valley is cloaked in ominous black clouds.

I love cycling.



  1. Great post! Where’s the hill? I want to buy Tracy’s house 🙂


    This is a GREAT ride description, Kathleen. And 10 more seconds, that’s FANTASTIC!

    I’m so proud of you for your focus, your effort, your commitment and for pushing yourself. WAY TO BE! 😀

  3. LOVE IT! Go Kathleen Go!!!

    And wet descents scare me too!!

  4. Congrats on beating your PR even in the rain!

  5. Awesome post. I felt like I was there with you. Thanks!

  6. Tracy rides too!

    Where is her former house? Id be curious to know where she lived 🙂

  7. and I thought you were riding Now Voyager in the rain…….
    Didn’t see you go by. I managed to get 4 horses out on the road that day. Wish I would have been able to visit with you.
    Ride on!

  8. BTW, Tracy’s place isn’t for sale. I’ll point it out to you when we take a ride up the road…..

    • Oh good, glad I had my 411 wrong about TC!

  9. Wet descents are scary! Way to shave another 10 seconds off!! That is awesome.

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