Posted by: forgingahead | February 5, 2009

Rainy Days

We haven’t had many of these lately. January was dry. And warm.

As a result, California is on the brink of another drought.

I made the most of the sunny days by cycling my silly head off. And running. And riding Now Voyager. I would have gone on a few picnics and done some sailing, but really there are still only so many hours of daylight to work with and I had to prioritize. You understand. Right?

My horse lives in Half Moon Bay, a farming community. When I stopped into the local grocery store the other day people were giddy with the possibility of rain.

I woke up last night around midnight to the strangest sound. Raindrops. Big ones. Yipee!

Now the rain has tapered off to a wimpy shower. Now that’s just annoying. I want big rain. Water coursing down the street, spilling over the gutters and flooding intersections. Ok, not really that much. But you get the idea.

What do I like about rainy days?

The way my body innately starts craving soup and hot tea with lemon and honey.

How it feels like curling up with a good book and a cat is the right thing to do.

The garden gleaming with raindrops dancing on freshly washed plants.

Here’s to hoping for more rain.


p.s. In case you’re thinking I’ve morphed into some kind of photo whiz kid overnight, let me set the record straight. This beauty came from Bert. Thanks honey for letting me *borrow* your work!


  1. We’re supposed to get your rain later today – I can’t wait!! 🙂

  2. I enjoy reading about another point of view when it comes to rain. True: I love rain when we haven’t had a cloudy, rainy day for awhile (like during the summer in Seattle) but right now the never ending drizzle, mist, and not infrequent rain shower makes me yearn for dryness.

    Great post; sounds like you are really getting out there to exercise; love it!

  3. These droughts worry me so much. Let’s hope for more rain indeed:)

  4. sigh, i really dont want to go on water rationing

  5. I love reading your blog Kathleen. It’s feels so good to just read, giggle, laugh, ponder – and then get back to the grind!!

  6. Bert makes gorgeous bokeh! And you, K, so glad you enjoyed the rain. It’s so foreign to imagine rain being so rare. I love rainy days!

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