Posted by: forgingahead | January 28, 2009

Wind is My Nemesis

Bert and I tried out a new cycling route this weekend. We were heading out to the Delta to visit family and got an early start to allow time for a ride beforehand.

I’m kind of a chicken when it comes to blazing new trails. Bert laughs because I hang back the first time we go on a new ride, conserving energy for the great unknown territory of hills and keeping reserves in case we get lost. Once I’m on *the way back* I resume my regular programming of chatting and riding a decent (albeit still slower than most) pace.

On this particular ride there was a warning sign that I cavalierly ignored. Bert did mention it was a *relatively* flat farm road with some windmills.

Ha. I have a new credo…avoid windmill-laden roads. You ask why? Because where there are windmills there is likely wind. A. LOT. OF. WIND.


Now, I’ve read about riders dealing with wind. My friend Maggs wrote this about preparing for the Kona Ironman last year:

Holy headwinds. And crosswinds. I don’t know that I’ve ridden the course in worse winds.

But my goodness. I really did not have an appreciation for how a headwind and crosswind (we had both) can pretty much feel like cycling up a giant hill. On the flat. Even on a downhill. That wind slowed me down so much that I was getting seriously annoyed.

Couple that with a new route and general unease about *how long is this going to last* and *is the wind going to shift* so that going back is hard too and Bert had a generally silent/whining cycling partner.

He tried to motivate me by saying “the blogger Kathleen wouldn’t whine…she’d just do it” but not even those words could inspire me. Well, maybe they kept from turning around even earlier than I did.

I was saved by a lunch date we had with my Aunt Pam and Uncle Dan. The wind slowed our progress so much that we turned back before the *end* of our planned course. It took 1 hour 15 minutes to go the 12 miles out and less than 45 minutes to get back.

Oh yes, there is ONE benefit to wind. When it’s at your back you really fly! And that was a lot of fun.



  1. Oh my gosh. I wouldn’t have thought of that either. I could not have done it. I can’t bike if someone turns around to talk to me – their breath is too much resistance.

  2. Wind makes you stronger. 🙂 But yes, it does suck to ride in!!

  3. Good to know…if I ever start riding outside…

  4. Oh yes, a tail wind rocks and I think I’ve been known to cry occasionally with a wicked headwind! 🙂 Awesome job!!!

  5. Icky wind…but you never know what a race will have in it…so good on ya for facing the wind. And the tail wind is the BEST!

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