Posted by: forgingahead | January 22, 2009

Cycling-A Metaphor for Life

I was flying down a big hill on my bike the other day when I had a thought. I know, I should be 100% focused on the hill and I usually am. Trust me. I’m afraid of hills. The downside part anyway. I don’t go nearly fast enough to fear the uphill side.

But my buddy rocketpants had blogged about a bike clinic she’d done the day before and her words were coming back to me. Here, rather than re-state things I’ll let her share with you in her own words:

“I did pick up a handy tip on cornering though…LOOK where you want to go eventually. Look through the corner and your bike will go where you intend it to. I thought I was doing it, but at one point one instructor sorta yelled ‘Look ahead’ while it was my turn and I realized I wasn’t doing it and once I did look ahead the cornering got SO much easier.”

So I’m flying down this hill and thinking, “hey, I’m gonna try that look ahead thing.” And you know what? It worked! So well in fact that I then started musing on how looking ahead in life helps me go forward too.

You know, visualize what you want and it will happen. It’s pretty powerful stuff folks…give it a shot.

Anywho, back to my metaphor. I’ll share a few of my other thoughts too. Remember, I may have been slightly oxygen deprived due to my having just *climbed* the front side of the big hill.

*When you’re going fast be careful, but not too careful or you’ll never get anywhere.

*You may have to work on the climb up but the view is beautiful.

*When you’ve pushed yourself to the edge it’s a joy to find that something extra that you didn’t know you had in you.

*Even if you don’t know what’s around the corner keep going and have faith.

I’m going to go bike some more and see if I can figure out the meaning of life.



  1. Great advice; for biking and for life!

  2. Oh man, should have READ this BEFORE my ride today, it was hills, could have used the tips for the down hill section…
    Thanks for the quotes too, LOVE them, came at good timing too…

    We got the cherries today! You are right, apple pie all the way! You’re the greatest, thanks Kate!

    Bree & Kainoa!!

  3. very Zen.

  4. I think you are on to something.
    Can we add, “When you are so scared you are yelling for you mommy, try not to do it in front of others”? Because that one is applicable to me all the time.

  5. I agree, the bike teaches me about life all the time 🙂

  6. Hey – I’m still here, and back just in time to read your motivational post. Thanks for that! You must be getting fast!

  7. I”m glad my bike clinic experience helped you out! That is awesome that what I learned someone else can learn something from too. 🙂

    Love your quotes…definitely lots of truth to them.

  8. riding more = the meaning to life.

    yeah that’s pretty much how it works 😉

  9. Wonderful…. You are a joy!

  10. Agreed with Kelly – I think most of my meaning of life thoughts have come from riding. Esp the part about looking where you want to go.

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