Posted by: forgingahead | January 19, 2009

Practice Practice Practice

I scored an impromptu lesson with Anke yesterday.

Now Voyager and I had started our warm up and embarked on a new pattern that is not good. Whereby I ask him to move forward and he yanks his head in the air and basically says, “NO.”

When Anke walked over to side of the arena to let her beautiful horse, Fandango, graze for a while I took the opportunity to stop and chat. For about half an hour. You know how it goes when you finally get time to catch up with a girlfriend. So much to talk about we trip over our words in a mad dash to share.

Eventually I was starting to run short on time so I told Anke I had to go ride. And she did what any great trainer does when in the vicinity of a student. She coached.

Thank the heavens above. Guided by her directions I became a better rider and Now Voyager reflected that by becoming a willing and supple horse again.

Ah sweet relief. I swear it’s like a drug. I’ll do anything to feel NV take a few good steps and when he does it makes me crave more. I love that about riding…particularly dressage. The sport is truly a journey and every day is a new adventure.

When I ride my bike it’s 100 percent me. Well, unless something is physically amiss.

But a horse? Oh yes, horses have good days and bad days. Sometimes they’re sore. Other times they’re tired. Often they are weighing whether or not they have to do what you’re asking or if maybe just going back out to pasture to graze for a few more hours is a viable option.

Dressage is teamwork. I love that. Most days.




  1. Knowing nothing about horses or riding, I found this very interesting. Beautiful animal. I’m glad you had a good day with him.

  2. What a beautiful horse.

  3. I’m happy for you.

  4. Pretty horse!

  5. If I had to get my bike to behave all the time…wow…i’m not sure I could do that. Relying on another being to *also* be in a good mood, doing well, ect…that must be tricky. But i’m sure when both you and the horse are spot on…it is wonderful. Beautiful horse.

  6. It’s true that when you and your horse are in sync…there is nothing, NOTHING better!! And when you’re not, there is satisfaction in the smallest victories. Really a win-win thing.

    He is so SO beautiful. 🙂

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