Posted by: forgingahead | January 19, 2009

Make Me Laugh Monday – Milk Luv

mmlm1 Not much to say here except that this little gem came to me without photographer attribution. Being married to a professional photographer I’m sensitive to these things. So if this is yours let me know so I can give proper copyright credit. And I’d love to know the story behind the photo too! These are some enterprising kitties.


Now scoot on over to my buddy jennyonthespot for more Make Me Laugh Monday hilarity.



  1. ohhh cute kitty!

  2. That’s some talent ya got thar cowboy!

  3. Truly, truly, Kathleen – LOL!!! What a great shot! On so many levels!

  4. Haha. That reminds me of when I would visit my gramma’s family in South Dakota when they still had a dairy farm…cats always appeared when it was milking time.

  5. Catching up on your blog! That is an awesome picture.

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