Posted by: forgingahead | January 14, 2009

Cycling Progress

Bert and I are training for the LiveStrong century bike ride in July. Let me begin this story with a request for advice…all you cycling experts, I’d love to hear your suggestions for training.

Emails directly to me at kathleen at jumpmarketing dot com are welcome!

What sorts of distances should be we doing between now and then? How quickly is it wise to add mileage, etc.

What potential pit falls should we watch out for and (hopefully) avoid?

Today we had a kick a** ride. First of all, the summer in January continued with a lovely day. Not too hot. Not too cold. Just right! I was Goldilocks today.

We left from Half Moon Bay and rode 15 miles down Highway One to Pescadero Road. The ocean was calm and a lovely deep blue color and there was nice breeze to keep us cool on the hill climbs.

Once we reached Pescadero we headed inland for a couple of miles and then turned North again, this time on Stagecoach Road. What a pretty little back road! Meandering through fields and groves of eucalyptus the road has a couple of gentle climbs that rewarded us with sweeping views of the coast.

The ride was about 34 miles and included roughly 1,600 vertical feet of climb. It took us 2 hrs and 45 minutes which I’m sure wicked slow. Which brings me to another question. How does one get faster at biking? Other than just pushing yourself to go faster.

Today’s ride was a watershed moment for me though. I’ve only done this distance once before (at the Santa Barbara Triathlon last August) but I felt relatively strong today and am hopeful that I can build on this.

And maybe one day I can join Sarah on one of her amazing rides like this one last weekend where she rode 50 miles and climbed 6,000 feet!

I am going to sleep really well tonight!



  1. Sounds like an amazing day!! Great job on the bike!

  2. Getting faster = more time on the bike. BUT the real key is quality, not quantity. You could go out and ride every day but if you did the same thing at the same effort, you wouldn’t really improve. You have a trainer, yes? I’ll send you some trainer workouts. Those should help you improve significantly. Your goal is really to be able to spin a high cadence at a higher (harder) gear with a lower heart rate. That’s where trainer work comes in. Hill repeats. Doing a hill say, 3-4 times but making it a harder gear for the last two repeats, etc. Things that make you push harder. Make your HR go up. Make you wish you wouldn’t have stayed in bed. Pushing up and out of the comfort zone. Pain is the weakness leaving your body. 😉

    Remember when you were riding with us and you said “I can go faster than this, just so you know.” Well then GO FASTER! Don’t be afraid to push it. The nice thing about being on a bike, unlike out in the open water, is that if you get tired, you can always slow down or even stop to take a break if you really need it. Your body can take it, trust me. You’re going to do great!

  3. Oops – I meant make you wish you WOULD’VE stayed in bed. BUt you knew that.

  4. All this nice weather will let you work your way into the miles necessary. i’m not a cycling expert…so i can’t help much. Good luck and enjoy it out there!

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