Posted by: forgingahead | January 7, 2009

Foreign Bodies

Warning…the following is kind of personal and medical and maybe more information than you care to know. Consider yourself cautioned.

I’ll wait here while you decide if you want to read on…

hmmm, hmmmm, *whistling and twiddling thumbs*

Still there? Ok. Here we go.

I lost some weight last year. Pleased as punch and dreaming of having, if not a six pack set of abs, then at least a less round tummy.

Turns out it takes a decent amount of concentrated core work to score one of those puppies. Who knew? Shocking development. It was not to be for me.

As the weight melted off, however, a mass of sorts was revealed in the lower right quadrant of my tummy area. So Monday I had an ultrasound to figure out what was what.

Turns out there are TWO whats. Or in this case things.

Thing One is your garden variety fibroid attached my uterus. Yuck.

Thing Two is a dermoid cyst attached to my right ovary. Double yuck.

Both are the size of oranges. The non-technical term here is large. Frackin’ huge if you ask me. I love what the doctor said, “It’s getting kind of crowded in there.” No duh.

All of this is relatively normal for *women my age* (now if that’s not just the most annoying phrase) and no big deal. Except the part about the surgery to remove Thing Two.

Apparently cysts have a nasty habit of bursting and polluting the body and generally causing serious annoyance. So better to get it out. I’m all over that plan.

Then maybe I can work on getting a set of those six-pack abs like my friend BreeWee. Sure. I can dream though.


  1. Dang girlfriend. Surgery sucks but you’ll get through it. I’m glad it’s a foreign body that can be removed, not an alien species using your body for reproductive purposes. 🙂

  2. Man that sucks. I hope everything goes smooth with the removal. My sister had some cysts removed last year and bounced back just fine…and has 6 pack abs 🙂

  3. Good thing they were found and now you can treat them!

  4. double yuck is right! 😦

  5. Oh no fun at all. But good you found them now and can hopefully get them taken care of! And then those abs will shine through nicely 🙂

  6. Arg!
    When’s the extraction surgery?

    • Aw shucks, you guys are the best! Thanks for the good wishes and positive thoughts. I meet with the surgeon on the 26th and then the thing gets scheduled. Stay tuned!

  7. Sorry to hear about the foreign bodies, but at least they are nothing to worry about! A bit scary until you find out what it was I’m sure!

  8. oh man, good luck!

  9. Just catching up…ugh, that sucks, Kathleen! But just glad they’re relatively harmless as foreign bodies in our bodies go. That’s the upshot. Happy New Year!!

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