Posted by: forgingahead | December 24, 2008

Serious Christmas Lights

I’ve been going on these runs at night and soaking up the festivitiness (love making up words…my English professors are all cringing right now) of all the holiday lights in my San Francisco neighborhood. Myra asked me to post some photos but I think I’ve discovered something even better!

I give you Christmas lights on steroids to the toe-tapping tune of Dean Martin’s Frosty the Snowman

Love how the lights change color and move around to the “thumpety thump thump” portion of the song. What, you think I’m easy to please? Is that what you’re saying. Go ahead, I can take it.

Props to my fellow Fat Cyclist KanyonKris for sharing this little gem. His family lives near the Holdman Christmas tour de force in Utah. They have more videos on their site for those of you (a) trapped inside by snow and going mad or (b) surrounded by kids amped on sugar plums and in desperate need of distraction.

So I became a might inquisitive about this whole seriously over the top project and checked out the FAQ on the website. What to my wondering eyes did appear but a few most excellent details (don’t you just love how I cleverly segued from ‘Twas Night Before Christmas to Wayne’s World? Seriously people, I’m on fire here.)

I gleaned that the Holdman’s live amongst stuffy paranoid gated community folk. Ok, maybe there were A LOT of cars last year…but it sounds to me like they managed it nicely. Anyway, our ever resourceful Mr. H pulled up his Christmas lights and relocated them to “a strip of property that my parents own with a bunch of trees.” Apparently the trees live in a neighborhood that welcomes festive spirit.

The Holdmans are also green:

The display is 100% wind powered. What I do is use power provided by my local power company, and then replace the power I use for my Christmas Display back onto the grid with Wind Turbines.

Love this guy.

Happiest of Holidays!


  1. That was soooo coool!! And they are eco-friendly!!? That is just wicked awesome. Thank you very much for sharing!

  2. GREEN earth friendly holiday lights?! Seriously the best thing ever!!! I love it!! Merry Christmas!!!!

  3. It was fun to see in person, but the videos represent it pretty well. Nearly 150,000 lights!

  4. Green xmas lights, who knew?? We have no lights outside this year (hey, not my station!), but we have festiveness inside.

    Merry Christmas!

  5. Hope you’ve enjoyed a wonderful Christmas with your Bert. Love that you shared Christmas lights – yay! Seriously righteous lights. (See, I can do that too.) Anyone who is as well read as you, AND can throw in a good Wayne quote, is someone I must call a friend.

    I wish you a happy, love-filled Christmas Kathleen. 🙂

  6. Your posts always remind me of how much I love that city. Nothing like a long run in the crisp air. Happy christmas!

  7. So funny! I can throw a rock and almost hit that display, it’s so close. We went and watched a few times this Christmas.

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