Posted by: forgingahead | December 16, 2008

Behold The Perfect Latte

Now some of you may call this tooting my own horn. So be it.

I made this lovely latte.

I packed the beans, pulled the shots and steamed the milk into this frothy state of frothiness.


Bert took the lovely photo which shows my creation to full advantage.

Hang on, I gotta take a sip of this beauty…ah, heaven.

See when I met Bert he was seriously into the ritual of the perfect latte. Me, not so much.

To his horror I would add chocolate sprinkles, or honey or sugar to my latte. Really, knowing him now as well as I do I’m shocked we ever had a second date.

But I finally saw the light and evolved into drinking espresso with only perfectly steamed milk for the fine taste. And after many years of coaching I now make pretty a pretty fine latte.

Don’t you agree?

happy sipping,



  1. WHOA hello heaven!! If I lived in SF I’d soooooo be at your place for one of my own perfect lattes!

  2. Sometimes I wish I drank coffee so I could get all excited like everyone else is 🙂 Nice picture though, it does look good. Maybe someday I’ll try it.

  3. oh that looks like perfection! although i must admit – i sweeten my espresso with Stevia, but oh how i love a good latte 😉

  4. That does look pretty. But I’m just not enough of a coffee-purist to not put anything in it. I don’t put sugar in anymore but I gotta have my coffeemate. All the wonderful flavors they have…
    And my lattes…gotta have the caramel flavor in there. Non-fat caramel latte. Ooooooh yeah.

  5. Oh my….wish you could make me one right about now; we are freezing our butts off in Seattle right now and I need warmth and caffeine….and something artistic to warm my soul right about now.

  6. Is it possible to LUST after a cup of coffee. Why, yes! I think it is, and I am!!!! *tipping her hat*

  7. that is a beautiful latte…if i’m ever up in SF you bet i’m going to be knocking on you door. 🙂

  8. I love it. 🙂 Bert took a nice photo, but it was really YOU who made the perfect latte! Now I know who to go to when I need a great latte. 🙂

  9. Looks great! We bought ourselves an ECM Giotto when we moved to the country and we make ourselves perfect mochas (yes, mocha over latte for me) every morning and some afternoons. After perfecting our technique we now experiment with different espresso roasts. It’s amazing how much variety there can be in flavor.

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