Posted by: forgingahead | December 2, 2008

Riding 100 Miles to Fight Cancer

I’m doing it. I just signed up for my very first century bike ride. I’m going to put myself out there to fight cancer. And I’m doing it with Team Fatty! Check out my fundraising page here.

Actually, this will be my second attempt at a century…my last attempt taking place, oh, 20+ years ago. And I didn’t really train. And I didn’t really finish. I think I made it 50ish miles. Long story. Not the point now so I’ll stop talking about it. Now. Really.

The important thing is that THIS ride is going to raise big bucks through the Lance Armstrong Foundation (LAF) in the fight against cancer in all its evil forms. Did I mention my fun(d)raising page?

And you’re going to help. I know, the timing sucks what with it being the holidays and the economy in the toilet. But I’ve always loved a challenge (ok, that’s not true either…this loving challenges things has really developed in the last year.)

But I’m putting myself out there for Susan. Wife of the Fat Cyclist. Fatty (real name Elden) is a gem of person and a wicked writer. I hear he’s a pretty good cyclist too. He lives in Utah and cycles with a bunch of guys – many who also write blogs. Who knew there was an enclave of literary cyclists in Utah?

Back to the point – Susan is fighting cancer and Elden has been writing about that too. Fair warning, some of his posts will bring tears. While his world is under attack by this dread disease Fatty is fighting back by forming the largest team in LAF history and we’re gain to raise some serious coin (starting with your donation at my LAF webpage).

I’m throwing down the hammer. 100 miles in San Jose on July 12th. Watch out cancer, I’m ready to kick some cycling and fundraising a$$ in 2009!



  1. Soooo…is there a cutoff date for donations?

  2. congratulations on taking the plunge and making the commitment! i know you’ll kick the ride’s ass and help to kick cancer’s ass!!!!

  3. Awesome! I signed up for team fatty too! But just to raise money – I have another race that weekend. . . keep us updated on your progress!

  4. That is so fantastic!! Go Kathleen!!!

  5. Go Kathleen, go!

  6. Wow. Good luck. You’ll have so much fun training for it.

  7. Kathleen – you’re always an inspiration. Congratulations on setting such a high goal for yourself. So proud to know you.

  8. awesome! I’m sure you will do great both raising coin and getting ready for it!

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