Posted by: forgingahead | December 2, 2008

Me and Michael Keaton

Bert and I were in Santa Barbara a couple of weekends ago. Love SB!

I’d decided to run and swim as much as possible. Well, I ran one night on the streets. The brisk air was light and refreshing. Running along the water in the dark (on a pavement path) was kind of trippy, in a good way.

Day two started with an early morning beach walk with Bert and his mom. The surfers were out in *full force* and the day was just glorious. I jogged along the beach enjoying the gentle forgiving footing of the packed sand. Welcome relief from all my streets of SF running.

That afternoon I booked on over to the Los Banos pool…a lovely outdoor 50 meter bit of paradise surrounded by palm trees and filled with laid back Santa Barbara folks (not like the evil lady Courtenay ran into at a pool in Seattle).

I only had 30 minutes to swim (pool was closing) so I wound up sprinting the last half of my workout. Then, I did a lame thing. I have a sore shoulder so when I was getting out of the pool I jumped out more than pulled out and wound up with a WICKED cramp in my calf. Serious pain.

That put a quick end to my running and swimming all weekend plan. So I did the next best thing…going out to do dinners with friends!

We went to a lovely steakhouse and I dug into a tasty glass of red wine, pea soup, green salad, filet mignon, french fries and yes even desert. A melt in your mouth dense chocolate cake thing. YUM!

Completely satiated and maybe a touch tipsy I wandered over to the restroom. One door was marked Women and as I rounded the corner and reached for the doorknob a man was doing the same thing from the opposite direction.

He quickly pulled his hand back and sort of bowed and waved me toward the door saying, “after you.” With his trademark smile he turned on his heel and walked away. THAT’S when my wine-saturated brain caught up with the situation and recognition dawned. Hey, that was Michael Keaton!

I was a HUGE fan of his Batman (was that really way back in 1989?) and developed a serious crush on his lips. He was brilliant in Beetlejuice too. Creepy but brilliant.

So that was my brush with fame. I did not chase him down and when I made my way back to the table I scanned the restaurant but he was gone. In the night. Just like the dark knight.


  1. Whoa. Michael Keaton. Awesome.

  2. Batman? I think Mr. Mom. I loved him in that movie. Chocolate cake and MK. What a cool night!

  3. That always happens. You realize it’s somebody famous AFTER they’ve come and gone. Sigh…but still…pretty awesome!!

  4. wooo…that’s pretty cool!

  5. When I tell the kids these days that Beetlejuice is one of my favourite movies they stare at me blankly. Same with Clue. They don’t know what they’re missing…

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