Posted by: forgingahead | November 30, 2008

Make Me Laugh Monday – Kids


My mom has a favorite story of my youth. I can’t figure out if I have a real memory of the event or if I’ve just heard it recounted so many times that I think I remember it.

It’s still funny. Either way.

Step into the wayback machine with me…

I’m about 3 years old. Playing in the backyard with my partner in crime and best friend forever Brian.

Brian’s mom Joan has been babysitting me for years while mom works (go mom go!).

Joan hears my cries of distress and comes running out to see what’s wrong. As I lay in crumpled heap of tears Brian points in my general direction and shouts,

“The wind did it!”

Props for quick thinking Brian!

Now head on over to jennyonthespot for more Make Me Laugh Monday silliness. Go on, you know you wanna.


  1. hehehehe. the wind did it. I might just use that one.

  2. Haha, that is hilarious. Kids are so dang clever!

  3. LOL! Oh my heck… I have never… TOTALLY gotta give him proprs for quick thinking like that! The wind – hahahahahaaa!!!

  4. Stupid boys. Always trying to pass the blame!

  5. One smart kid there. Is he still? 🙂

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