Posted by: forgingahead | November 25, 2008


I received my first blog award the other day! *Swoon*

The always funny and fabulous Jenny on the Spot bestowed this honor in acknowledgment of my mad commenting skillz.

The award is called The Brilliante Premio 2008

I just love all things Italian, don’t you? Espresso. Biscotti. Luscious red wine. *sigh*

Here’s my award…isn’t she a beauty?


It’s super easy to comment on Jenny’s blog because she’s always rocking my world in some way. She started a dance club. She knows how to apply glitter to her body. She’s a mom of three and she still finds time to train for triathlons. Seriously, I don’t think she sleeps. How she keeps her wicked sense of humor sharp and continues to write sentences that flow together beautifully is beyond me. My hero.

So according to the rules I get to bestow this lovely award to some of my best blog buds! Love to share! (Well, perhaps my younger brother would protest that statement).

Without further ado I’d like to award these folks this lovely award for their constant encouragement, love of all sports, competitive natures and wickedly clever writing skillz. And for making my blogosphere a better place with them in it!

Sarah’s Triathlon Adventure

Courtenay Brown

Kelly Dunleavy I write. I train. I eat and sleep.

What’s Maggs Up to?

We Make Three

Katie B Finally Back At It

Charisa Wernick

How can you share the love? Here are some suggestions:

1. When received, you may post the Premio to your blog.

2. Link to the blogger you received it from.

3. Give it to 7 bloggers.

4. Link to those 7 blogs.

5. Leave those 7 bloggers a comment about receiving the Brilliante Premio.

Now back to my regular life where, sadly, there are no awards being handed out.



  1. awwww shucks, thanks 😉

  2. Ohhhhhhhhhh fun! 🙂 I’m right with you on that Italian love thing too – biscotti, espresso, oh man, I’m drooling now!!

  3. Congrats on your award! Well earned and well done!! And of course you passed it on to such cool chicks too!!
    You are the first one to mention that they changed my website and took off wife… For real, thank you from the bottom of my heart!
    Happy Thanksgiving to you!

  4. Congrats!

  5. First of all, I’m absolutely certain that I’m your biggest fan. So thanks for the award! And also, huge fan of all things Italian. I married one. 🙂 I can’t wait to check out all these new blogs. Hope you’re enjoying your Thanksgiving week!

  6. THANKS Kathleen!! That is so sweet of you!! It might take me a week or so to get it up on my blog (you’ll see why in my next post…), but I will PROUDLY display my new award and be happy to dole it out to some well-deserved others as well.

    Also I might be coming to SF this weekend…you around?


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