Posted by: forgingahead | November 23, 2008

Make Me Laugh Monday – Crew

2797136638_e811dee11d_t Make Me Laugh Monday lives on each week thanks to Jennyonthespot – a funny gal who always makes ME laugh. Check her out.

Now onto our story…

I was on the crew team at UC Davis and we rowed in the Sacramento deep water channel. Really big ships would be docked nearby and they inevitably had some Russian writing on the side. Occasionally there would be Russian sailors too whistling down at the pretty girls in the fast boats.

Here’s the thing about rowing…you can’t see where you’re going. That’s why there’s a coxswain in the front of the boat. Her (or his) job is to (a) steer (b) call out the sets and (c) do her best to keep us in sync and in balance.

You gotta have a lot of trust, faith and respect for your coxswain. She kind of holds the boat together in a lot of ways. We loved ours. Leann was a petite woman with a big voice and even bigger personality.

So one afternoon we’re cruising down the channel, doing our power 20s and minding our own business when a giant boom of a horn ripped through the peace and quiet of the day. And eight women nearly jumped out of the boat in unison.

We all whipped our heads around to see a massive ship approaching nearby.

“Jeez” said Leann, “I wasn’t going to hit it!”


  1. Ha!!! heeheeheee…..

  2. cute story! I’m always impressed when someone can think on the spot like that.

  3. I had to come back… still giggling 🙂

  4. Bet that screwed up your timing! Anyone wet themselves?

  5. Timing was shot to hell, for sure. No one *admitted* to an accident but I wouldn’t be surprised. I *was* surprised no one wound up in the water. Myself included. My heart did stop a moment.

  6. That was cute..and funny!!

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