Posted by: forgingahead | November 18, 2008

Imagine A World Without TV

I know, scary thought. Bear with me.

I’ve been running at night lately and have been struck by all the TVs on in all the houses I run by. The blue glow lighting up rooms in nearly every house in every block.

And I live in San Francisco. There are A LOT of houses.

On my last run I started imaging a world where people were as excited about moving their bodies as they are about catching the latest episode of Dancing with the Stars.

So instead of logging into they check out and there’s a complete listing of this evening’s choices…

Monday 8:00-9:00pm
Ultimate Frisbee at Dolores Park
Run through Golden Gate Park
Bike ride through the Marin Headlands
Swim workout at Koret

You get the idea…a girl’s gotta have dreams.

ever hopeful,


  1. Great idea. I got my first TV this year and there’s so much “NOTHING” on it’s amazing. But I find myself watching it way too much. If my cable weren’t free I wouldn’t have it.

  2. A beautiful thought! I barely watch any TV and since I don’t have cable all the shows I want to watch I have to watch online. But I hardly have time to watch those anyway! Life without TV would be great.

  3. Pretty cool idea! TV is for “recovery” after your long ride, run, swim, etc. 🙂

  4. I love this thought. We don’t have cable. We don’t even have an antenna. As I’ve told you, we just do the one-at-a-time netflix.

    And people can never believe me when I say this. Like, “what do you DO???”

    I’ve had the same thought as you – ‘wow, there are sooo many TVs on.’ My roommate in college used to always have it on…just as background noise. I hated it (but loved her, so…)!

    Maggs is right – a whole lot of NOTHING on. And when it’s over, what did you really get out of it?

    Sure, I would love to access the Daily Show, Colbert Report, ESPN…but otherwise…what a waste.

    I think life without TV would be an awesome thing for our public health, that’s for SURE. GREAT thought, Kathleen!!!

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