Posted by: forgingahead | November 13, 2008

Night Running

Does anyone else like running at night or am I weird?

I think it’s the darkness. I feel kind of like a superhero gliding (well, I’m trying to glide) through the night.

Plus when I’m struggling up a hill or attempting to sprint I don’t feel quite so obvious. I don’t think I’m a pretty runner what with all the sweat streaming down my scary red face.

I’m one of those super fair-skinned Irish lasses who turn a frightening shade of magenta when undergoing any sort of exertion. I clearly remember an episode in 4th grade PE class when the teacher pulled me aside and suggested I sit and rest and maybe I should go see the school nurse. “Don’t worry,” I reassured her, “this is what my face looks like when I exercise.”

Then there’s the benefit of not having to dodge the harmful rays of the sun when running at night. No hat necessary. It feels rather freeing. So perhaps that’s part of it.

I’ve been exceedingly lucky these last few months as we’ve had some unusually warm and still nights. And tonight that big old moon lit my way again. Love that.

There are some great songs on the Music from The OC: Mix 4 soundtrack that made their way onto my shuffle and I was so looking forward to running to some new tunes. My absolute favorite song so far is by Imogen Heap (she so rocks!) and is called Goodnight and Go. Check it out.

And let me know your thoughts on night running…I love to learn from ya’ll.

happy running,



  1. I love running at night. I’m headed out in 45 minutes for a 6 miler. It’s a clear sky and HUGE moon.

  2. god that would happen to me- the bright bright red, and every coach i ever had would pull my parents over and be like is she gonna die and my dad would be all ‘no she’s fine she just looks terrible’

  3. i LOVE LOVE LOVE night running. it is the most relaxing, freeing, de-stressing thing i can imagine doing that costs nothing yet gives everything. 🙂

  4. YES, love night running, but actually I prefer EARLY MORNING dark running. It’s all the same, but different time of day . . . I love also passing houses and seeing the just beginnings of people stirring – getting the paper, making coffee, etc.

  5. I like running in the dark but it seems that all the cars like to try to hit me a lot…and then I spook myself out a lot and that is no fun. But I enjoy the peaceful quality of it.

  6. Um, the only time I ran at night was when a guy stole my purse and I had to chase him over several city blocks. In my stocking feet.

  7. Count me in for a night run too…
    Hey thanks for the blurp, or whatever you call it about the OC tunes, you got me motivated to change up the music for 09!

  8. I run with a gal once a week at 5 a.m. We have spoken often about running while it’s dark. We feel stronger… like the darkness allows up to not feel inhibited – to push and make funny, horrible, painful, but gonna make it up that hill faces!!!

  9. Night mountain biking is pretty cool too. Just focusing on the singletrack (since the lights don’t illuminate much else) makes you feel really fast.

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