Posted by: forgingahead | November 12, 2008

A New Thing to Try

I was on Rocketpants blog yesterday and she was talking about track racing. That’s one thing on a long list of things I’d never even considered doing, but being a naturally curious person I asked her why she does it.

She commented here yesterday and rather than have you click around looking for her comment I’ll post it (aren’t I thoughtful?)

As for track bike riding…i never though I would like it…one gear and no brakes…but its simplicity is beautiful to me. I would never be brave enough to ride a track bike (even with some brakes) on the road though. I have found that track bike riding has dramatically improved my cycling leg in triathlons so it has done something and it is lots of fun. Reminds me of being a kid when all you have is one gear and you have to chase someone down with that one gear.

Now that does sound like fun!

So I hunted around the world wide web to find a velodrome in the Bay Area. Seems like there is one and it’s in San Jose. It’s called Hellyer Park Velodrome and it’s outside so rain cancels rides. But it looks kind of pretty from the photos.

Now I live in San Francisco and the furtherest point south I usually go is the Woodside/Palo Alto area and that’s for horsey related things. Important activities like attending Dressage clinics and shopping at tack stores for new gear.

But I would go ALL. THE. WAY. to San Jose to sample this intriguing sport. And look, they have a Saturday morning beginners class year round.

It won’t be in the next few weeks what with the holiday social calendar already gearing up. But I’m excited to try something new. Thanks for the encouragement


  1. I wish we had a track here. I’d love to try it. Good luck. It does look fun.

  2. Haa, that is SO cool. I wish I were closer to SJ (way too far from here) to try it out, too. I would love to give it a shot. Go Kathleen!

  3. Thanks for the shoutout! It is heaps of fun. I’m looking forward to when you do get the opportunity to give it go and see what you think. Just remember it took a few sessions before I went from thinking “meeh” to loving it.

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