Posted by: forgingahead | November 10, 2008

The Rejuvenating Effects of Riding

I rode my bike today. And then I rode my horse. And now all is right with my world once again.

I did the bike ride first. For a few reasons. I needed time ALONE. No people. Not even my wonderful friends at the barn. Just me with the wind blowing the cobwebs out of my head.

Also, I figured once I was with my lovely horse Now Voyager I would have a hard time pulling myself away. I hadn’t seen him in a whole week and I just love that horse so darn much that I knew the moment I saw him I’d have a hard time leaving.

So onto the bike I went and it was the right choice. By the end of the ride I was feeling much more like myself. I even had the energy to stop and say howdy to my friend Joell who runs the a great program for people and horses called Square Peg Foundation. She was riding in her arena right next to the road I bike on.

My pace was pretty leisurely…I didn’t intend it to be but the legs were just sluggish from all the sitting and standing I’d been doing at those events. Or maybe my back tire was a little low. Or perhaps it was the stiff breeze blowing offshore. I was just so happy to be out on the bike those things didn’t even matter.

I beelined over to the barn after I finished my bike ride. As I drove up the driveway I saw Paula riding in the big arena and thought to myself, “hey, that’s a cute horse. Wonder who it is.” Well, it was Now Voyager! How fun is that?

Now Voyager had been toying with some lameness this last week and Paula has been taking good care of him. Wrapping his hoof and taking him for walks around the property. But today he seemed to want to go even though he’d take an uneven step every so often.

Thanks to Paula warming him up I was able to jump on up and start right into our ride. I spent this weekend at a dressage clinic given by Olympic Dressage rider Lisa Wilcox and I was anxious to try to apply a bit of what I learned. [Note: more to come about this amazing weekend]

Anke showed up in just in time to remind me to ride into the outside rein, keep my shoulders back, keep my thighs loose, shorten my reins, strengthen my core and do all of this and few hundred other things with feel.

Will I ever get the hang of this? I sure hope so! In the meantime I ask Now Voyager to continue to be his forgiving wonderful self while his rider tries to improve.

In the meantime I thank my lucky stars that I have a horse and a bike to set things right when my world gets knocked out of whack.

happily riding along,



  1. Oh man! You are so right, there is something so special about riding horses, especially when the world seems a little off-balance!

    Enjoy your bike & horse and all the places they take you!!!

  2. Horses have such cool names! Why don’t people have more exciting names like “Now Voyager”!? That’s just awesome! Glad you had fun.

  3. Thanks for stopping by my blog and the birthday wishes! As for track bike riding…i never though I would like it…one gear and no brakes…but its simplicity is beautiful to me. I would never be brave enough to ride a track bike (even with some brakes) on the road though. I have found that track bike riding has dramatically improved my cycling leg in triathlons so it has done something and it is lots of fun. Reminds me of being a kid when all you have is one gear and you have to chase someone down with that one gear.

    Happy riding!

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