Posted by: forgingahead | October 29, 2008

Library Love

The San Francisco Library system is top-notch. Fully computerized and online it’s a breeze to reserve almost any book, have it shipped to your local branch and pick it up.

Every month or so I check Amazon to see what new goodies my favorite authors have published and quickly add myself to the queue. It’s often hundreds of people deep but the library purchases many copies and the system works well.

Within a matter of weeks (and sometimes months for the really popular books) I get a little surprise email from the library letting me know my literary treasure has arrived. The system is *sweet* and I love it.

The only downside to the way we do things is that there’s not much time milling about the actual library shelves. Sure we can do extensive searches online, and coupled with Amazon reviews and recommendations we still stumble upon new authors.

Yesterday while walking home from the subway I detoured into a library branch and spent a glorious half hour perusing the new fiction shelves. I’d sort of forgotten what a treat it is to scan book spines, pull interesting ones off the shelf and skim the quotes on the back.

There’s something satisfying about handling a real book and I happily stacked up 6 new authors to explore. Just a little reminder to balance my online life with real life.

ready to read,



  1. hey, i do the same thing (requesting books) but i like just wondering around the library. i use to do that for hours. now, i dont know if ive lost my attention span….

  2. clearly that was suppose to say wandering. though both work

  3. Bliss is having a pile of books on my table next to my reading chair. Sadly, I’ve been working more and reading less. I miss my novels. Who are you reading?

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