Posted by: forgingahead | October 21, 2008

Painting the Roof

We’re do-it-yourself homeowners and it’s time to paint the top of the garage roof again.

I know, so exciting. I mean how much fun can one person stand in a day?

We swept four bags of leaves off yesterday and Bert pulled a weed that was quite happily growing out of the drain.

Then we traipsed to the local unhelpful paint store. Just where do paint guys get off giving attitude? I mean for gosh sakes it’s PAINT. Now bike repair guys I understand…it’s in their code to have some aloof attitude. But I don’t think the paint guys have earned it. (Sorry if I offend any bike repair people).

Plus, we paint the roof with aluminum paint and would you believe the price is up to $50 a gallon? I mean, it’s not like we’re gold leafing the thing. Must be the cost of petroleum or something.

Anyway, here we go!

happy painting,

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