Posted by: forgingahead | October 13, 2008

Snapshots from a Small Town Parade

Mom and I enjoyed the Glen Ellen parade yesterday. Glen Ellen is a tiny town in the Sonoma wine country area. It’s beautiful and quaint and charming. And so was their parade.

(Disclaimer: These photos were taken by *me* – not by my insanely talented photographer husband. Just so ya’ll aren’t confused by lthe painfully apparent ack of artistry.)

First of all I’d like you to meet my mom! Patsy is getting around fabulously with her new hip. I love my mom and it was such a treat to spend the weekend just us girls. Warmed my heart and soul.

Parade exhibit one…cute kids in cowboy hats…

Exhibit two…antique truck with kids decked out in their finery showing us how to do proper wine-tasting. The sign says “tasters in training.” Check out the one standing…he’s swirling wine in a carafe!

Of course my heart stopped when I these two massive and majestic Clydesdales rounded the corner! I loves me horseys.

Of course I couldn’t take just one photo…got lucky with the identical pose in this one…

Back to adorable kids…bees and bee keepers and they were buzzing around the street in full bee mode:

Now we have our requisite crazy guy on an old tractor…these dude was a real character…even though he was pulling a trailer he’d be popping wheelies and everything. I *think* he’s running for mayor of Glen Ellen…no, seriously…

And then of course we have the super cool antique fire engine…actually there were about 6 fire engines of all vintages in this parade and they were running their sirens and blowing their whistles and the kids where fired up (pun intended). Me, I had my fingers in my ears. But I had to share at least one photo…each engine had a cute kid in it too…

On my way back to San Francisco I hit a wee bit of traffic on the approach to the Golden Gate Bridge…but with views like this and a clear sunny fall day I so didn’t care. I listened to J.K. Rowling’s commencement speech to Harvard (on NPR) while taking in the beauty of the SF Bay. And snapped this photo just to share with you…

happy Monday,



  1. Oh Kathleen – what a precious post 🙂 I love seeing your mom – I could tell right away who SHE was. Your hair color and smiles…

    I got a giggle from the little bees – how cute was that – and the tractor guy. We have our won parade funny-guy too. I look for him every year.

    And finally, the picture of the SF Bay – my gosh! Breathtaking, my friend – simply breathtaking!

  2. I can see SO MUCH RESEMBLANCE between you and your mom!!! How sweet.

    Looks like you guys had a great time. I think you must’ve been heading back while we were heading the other way – I took a similar picture while on the bridge. 🙂

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