Posted by: forgingahead | October 10, 2008

Blogging Women of Ironman Hawaii

One of my favorite things about joining the world of blogging is the assortment of crazy talented people I’ve been meeting along the way.

Today I want to give a big shout to my blogging friends who are competing in the Ironman Hawaii race tomorrow. This is the *world championships* of triathlons my friends.

GO Maggs! I’ve been following her training schedule for a couple of months now and I get tired just reading what she’s up to. Training for an IM is hard work. For many people it would be a full time job. But Maggs runs a business, writes a daily blog, has a boyfriend AND spends hours upon hours on her bike, in the water and running around the island. I love reading her blog.

GO Bree Wee! I’ve just recently discovered Bree Wee’s charismatic and entertaining blog. She blogged about an *underwear* run that took place today on Kona. Apparently this is some odd rite of passage for the folks that are going run a MARATHON tomorrow…um yep, that’s after swimming 2.4 miles in the ocean and biking 112 miles. Sigh.

GO Rachel! My friend Sarah pointed me in Rachel’s direction just last week and I’ve been madly trying to catch up on her goings on. Such a treat! Rachel is a Berkeley girl who is not only a mom and a kick a** athlete she has wicked taste in sunglasses and killer abs. Well, they all seem to have killer abs.

GO Charisa! I’m new to her blog and will be rooting for her and looking forward to reading all about how her race goes tomorrow.

GOOD LUCK Maggs, Bree Wee, Rachel and Charisa!!!



  1. Kathleen!!! Stop it! I can’t keep up one ANY of the blogs I want to and now you introduce, like 4 more!!! AHHHHH!!!! AHHHHHH!!!!! AHHHHHH!!!

    How can I NOT subscribe to these women?

    I don’t know whether I love you or can’t stand you! You’re an animal!

    OK, I love you 🙂

  2. Ok Kathleen, you are my new best friend. Did you know that? Are you up for it? Oh, and Jenny too. The Ironman now comes to my home town. And I have never been starstruck before – until I got VIP passes and saw the stars (I mean athletes) up close. They are amazing people and I stand in awe of them. I only wish…

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