Posted by: forgingahead | October 9, 2008

A Great Ride – Horsing Around

I just finished the best ride of my life. It certainly didn’t start out that way which makes it all the sweeter.

Now Voyager is kind of crooked. Those of you who know horses know this is normal. Horses all have a *better* side. What’s funny about riding a crooked animal is you become crooked too. Well, I do.

Anke – my amazing friend and dressage trainer – isn’t crooked. No matter what horse she rides. I aspire to be a tenth the rider that Anke is one day. It’s good to have goals. No?

So back to this morning. I get on Now Voyager and off we go around the arena. Nice bending to the right. I change direction. Suddenly it feels like I’m riding a board as I *try* to bend through the left corner. Grrr.

Thank goodness Anke arrived. She talked us through about 30 minutes of walk, trot, canter work. Changing direction, trotting over poles, transitions from regular trot to medium trot.

Picking up the canter on a 20 meter to circle to the right was a near disaster. Fast trot, disorganized cues from me, Now Voyager’s head popping up into the air. We finally picked up the correct lead (pure luck and no thanks to my riding) and worked on momentum and me keeping my butt IN the saddle. It was hard but we did it.

Back to trot and change direction. 20 meter circle to the left…sitting trot…cue to canter. Oh thank goodness. He picked it up. Correct lead and all. Whew.

THIS canter was absolute heaven. Balanced, forward. It was like a giant lightbulb went off in my head. THIS is what riding is supposed to feel like.

I’m just going to go float around on this sensation for the rest of the day.

Thank you Anke for making me a better rider!!

deliriously happy,



  1. You just brought me on a trip down memory lane. Both the good AND the bad – this reminds me why i never was interested in dressage because I HATED that stuff! Picking up the correct leads, trotting over poles, trying to get the horse to be smoother with that ‘awkward’ side…ohhhh I would get SO FRUSTRATED! Maybe my older, adult self, however, would find that a nice challenge.

    The awesome part was remembering what that felt like when everything would go right and the horse and I would communicate and all was well.

    Great job today!!!

  2. oh, i love horseback riding!!!!! i am so jealous! i’m so glad you had a great ride 🙂

  3. that sounds like so much fun. I can’t wait to get back to things other than tri…like hiking and surfing.

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