Posted by: forgingahead | October 7, 2008

Chance to Win a Bike Trip to Italy or France

I’m a big fan of Fatty. I know, you think I’m name calling….but I’m not. Fat Cyclist is one of my daily must-read blogs.

Elden is funny, witty, clever and a biking nut. He’s also a great friend (as you can tell from the guys who bike with him – many who also blog) and a terrific dad and husband. His wife Susan is fighting metastatic breast cancer.

I wanted to share a raffle that Fatty is promoting on his site. It ends tonight (Wednesday 10/8/08). Sorry for the late notice. Blame it on a brain freeze I had that lasted for, oh, a week. I just realized I should have posted this the same day he did. Chalk up to being a rookie blogger.

You can read the Fat Cyclist post about the Brad Stratton Livestrong Challenge. Brad’s mom Diane is fighting cancer and this is one way he can help her fight.

But if you want to both help fight cancer and throw your hat into the ring for a chance to win an AMAZING biking trip from Ciclismo Classico to either Italy or France you should go straight to the Livestrong Challenge website donate $5 or more and keep your fingers crossed.

I know I am.

WIN Susan!
WIN Diane!


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