Posted by: forgingahead | October 6, 2008

Music Makes Running Possible

Without my iPod I would not run. It’s as simple as that. And finding the right tunes to keep my pace up and my spirits singing has become an art form.

Myra at We Make Three! was kind enough to invite me to contribute to her fabulous Monday Mixtape series.

So go visit Myra’s Monday Mixtape Read the super nice things she says about me and sample some of my favorite running songs (aren’t I the bossy one today).

And while you’re there take the time to nose around Myra’s blog…she’s wicked funny and I can always count on her to brighten my day.

I’m still blushing from the nice things she says about me and about Bert’s photography. Seriously, I do *not* consider myself a triathlete…though I aspire to get faster and do many more races. THEN maybe I’ll be in the same solar system as my tri-friends.

grooving to the tunes,



  1. Kathleen – I so get you. I could not work out without my iPod either! My run would kill me without the Strokes, Cake, INXS, Ben Fold, STOP ME! But you’ve given me some great ideas to expand my horizons. And it’s true that I am mesmerized by Bert’s photography. Maybe if I keep studying his lighting and Exif data on his photos at Flickr, someday I’ll produce something half as lovely.

    And you made me blush too. 🙂 Groove on!

  2. You ARE a triathlete. Do not allow any lesser thoughts to cloud your mind.

    Great mix. I love seeing what other people listen to so I can have more ideas for spin class. I get SO SICK of my own music, even though i d/l new stuff every week. 😛

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