Posted by: forgingahead | October 6, 2008

Make Me Laugh Monday – Feline Style

We have a cat. Zinger was featured in an earlier Make Me Laugh Monday post which is inspired by my buddy jennyonthespot

Zinger is an only cat. And he likes it that way. Plenty of food. Plenty of kitty rubdowns. No conflict.

Then one day about a year ago a sleek black cat with big green eyes strolled into the house and promptly started eating Zinger’s food.

I stumbled upon him in the act and he skedaddled out lickety split. But not far…just to the deck where he kept a watchful eye on the goings on.

This routine went on for a while…he’d judge his opportunity and weigh the options. This kitty had street smarts.

I love Zinger to absolute *bits* and I can say without reservation that street smarts are not super high on his list of fine qualities. Huggable, loyal, sweet, cuddly, kind. Yes. But he’s led a fairly cushy life so he hasn’t developed the skillz for finding clever ways to get to food.

We named the black cat Darkman. It started as Dark Vader for the way he’d just sort of sweep into a room like he owned it.

Darkman was too thin for my liking and had no collar. So of course I started feeding him. On the deck. In his own bowl. Zinger didn’t mind too much and Darkman started letting me pet him a little.

Bert was skeptical. He pointed out that Darkman would sort of give our hands a hard bump with his head as if to say “ok, so you got your petting in. Can I *eat* now already?” Not really an affectionate kind of cat.

We were heading out of town for 10 days and I was worried. Zinger would be safely ensconced at my mom’s house. But Darkman would be left to fend for himself.

To prepare for this situation I’d finally finagled a collar onto his neck with a note attached: “If this is your cat please call ***-***-****”

Two weeks went by and no call. So I left a bag of food and a bowl with our neighbors who promised to feed Darkman if he came around.

Sitting at the airport waiting to board our plane I picked up a voicemail from home. From Darkman’s owner! (Note: really, had it taken her two weeks to notice the collar?)

Her first question (to my voicemail) was “how did you *ever* get a collar on him? He doesn’t let strangers get within 10 feet.”

Ha, that’s what feeding a cat every day for months will do for loyalty and access.

Then she told us his *ahem* other name…Gibson. No, no, no…that wouldn’t do at all. He’s way too street for Gibson.

And then she said…

“I’m just going to leave this collar on…it’s probably a good idea.”

So there’s a beautiful black cat roaming the neighborhood with at least two families feeding him and wearing a collar with my phone number attached.

I told you he’s smart. 🙂

greeting the new week with optimism and hope,



  1. We feed strays and give them nick names, too! The last cat that came around our house still had his thumbs, which made his feet look twice as big, so we call him Big Foot. Good cat, that Big Foot. =)

    BTW, thanks for stopping by my blog!

  2. Oh my gosh – that is so funny! Especially the part where the owner decides to leave the collar on. That’s awesome! BTW – Darkman is the better name!

    Thanks for making me laugh 🙂

  3. haha! thanks for making me laugh!

  4. This is definitely funny on one angle.

    But since I am a very big lover of pets, it also struck a little nerve with me. I would be slightly annoyed with Darkman’s other ‘owner.’ How could she even CALL HERSELF AN OWNER? No collar…and then being like “oh yeah, i guess that’s a good idea…” OMG!!!

    I just get really angry when it comes to irresponsible pet owners and people who probably shouldn’t be having pets. And since it’s no longer Monday I don’t have to feel bad about spoiling the ‘make me laugh’ part. 😉

    And thanks for your email, it was very appreciated and I’ll be getting to that later…!

  5. Darkman the double-dipper!

    My cats, despite being a bit spoiled, still work hard for their chow.

  6. […] Back in October I wrote a post about a black cat who was hanging around, partaking in whatever bonus food he could score. We dubbed him Darkman […]

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