Posted by: forgingahead | September 30, 2008

See Jane Run Race Report

Let me start by saying it was a great race! Perfect weather, great group of women and the joy of a sprint distance course. I am now officially a total fan of the sprint.

The lake was warm so I went swimming sans wet suit. The start was in the water and my group of 132 women were strung out along the shoreline. When we launched into the water it was bedlam…very splashy and churning up a lot of mud.

I’m disappointed that I didn’t forge ahead better…I floundered around quite a bit. Not panicking so much as forgetting to stay within myself. Something to work on.

It took me 9 minutes and 13 seconds to swim a third of mile. See, told you I was floundering around 🙂

Good news is my first transition was 3:22…a substantial improvement over my glacial pace of 15 minutes in Santa Barbara and 2 minutes faster than my goal. Go team!

The 11 mile bike ride went by quite quickly…well at least it felt like a fast 33 minutes. Mostly flat (one tiny hill) and I had the rare experience of passing people. This event is billed as a good one for beginners and they were out there in force riding their mountain bikes and puttering along enjoying the day.

I was feeling like speedy speederson going by ’till some serious cycling women smoked me…then I tried keeping up with them. Oh yeah, I hung tuff. Until the tiny hill.

Off the bike and booking it to my transition spot I was into the run in under 2 minutes! Check out that T2!

Running is by far my weakest event. At least this time I was able to groove to Depeche Mode, Nina Simone and Journey (ok, so I’m dating myself but Steve Perry rocks!)

I followed the advice of my esteemed experienced tri friends (Courtenay, Jenny, Sarah, Kelly and Maggs) and set mini-goals to either stay with someone or pass someone or keep someone from passing me. I have to say it’s kinda fun seeing the ages of your competitors inked onto their calves. I’d be all like “hell no, that 56 year old is NOT going to pass me” or ” check me out passing this punk 35 year old, ha!”

Yes, it’s the little things that motivate this tri-novice. Shockingly, my time results seem to say I had a 10 minute mile pace which is a blistering 2 minutes/mile faster than usual. Guess the thrill of the chase moved my feet along faster.

I kind of sprinted (ok, moved less slow) the last few hundred yards and was feeling pretty smug when another women blasted by me just before the finish line. I was incensed and proceeded to try and catch her. But another woman minding her own business would have gotten tangled up in the chaos so sanity prevailed and I came in on the heels of speed racer.

But ooohhhhh, given a second chance I would have most definitely totally smoked her. No really. (hey, stop your giggling…I can hear you!) Who knew I had a competitive streak?

So back to the numbers…the 3 mile run took me 32 minutes. The overall first place winner Linda Gallo finished in 51 minutes. The entire race took me 1 hour 19 minutes which earned me 52nd place out 132 in my age group and 330th place out of 785 finishers overall. By the way, what happened to the other 215 people who were registered but DNF? Did they even start?

Let’s review…I finished 5th to last in my first race and about middle of the pack in my second so if I choose my third race wisely perhaps I’ll win? Ok, faulty logic. But a girl can dream!

dreaming of my next race,



  1. Great job! Sounds like you had fun and worked hard. Seriously finishing mid pack in your second race is awesome.

  2. You truly amaze me. Your progress is just incredible. You are such an awesome athlete, and you should be so proud of your progress! I wish I could train with you. I am struggling to work out three times a week. But I crave more. Go team!!!

  3. You continue to make me proud! You can call yourself a triathlete now that you’ve done it twice! Congratulations! Particularly on the transition times (only kidding), the running time is awesome!

  4. Way to go! You crack me up so much! I love reading what was in your head. it’s like reading what’s in mine during those races – ‘cept I don’t call 35 year olds “punks’ because – um… I”M 35!!!!


    So excited for you – you did so freakin’ awesome!

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