Posted by: forgingahead | September 25, 2008

Learning to Love Open Water

Earlier this year when my friend Allison tricked me into signing up for I signed up for my first ever triathlon I sort of glossed over the fact that the swim portion was in the ocean.

The beach at Santa Barbara always looked pretty mild to me…not that I’d ever so much as stuck a toe in the surf. We go to SB regularly to visit my mom-in-law and I’ve spent countless mornings on the beach watching the sunrise while Bert works his photography magic.

But then I started really thinking about actually going into the water…and stupid scary visions of Jaws made my knees quake.

A friend introduced me to Morgan Filler, a world class marathon swimmer, who offered to coach me through a few swim sessions to build my confidence.

Morgan is simply amazing. Think Robert Redford in The Horse Whisperer and you’ll have an idea of what I mean.

I documented my evolution from scared guppy to confident goldfish on the Athleta Chi site…this is a great site created by the fabulous women’s athletic clothing company. Chi is “a place for connecting women to the energy of inspiration” and they have wonderful stories of women doing amazing things.

I invite you to peruse the story and enjoy some of Bert’s amazing photography in the process:

Part 1: Swim Outside the Lines

Part 2: Follow My Bubbles

Part 3: The Intangibles of Triathlon Training

Thank you Morgan,


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