Posted by: forgingahead | September 23, 2008

Taper Training Plan

My second triathlon is fast approaching…the See Jane Tri is this Saturday and I’m so psyched!

“Why are you psyched?” inquire my inquisitive readers.

Two reasons…

Reason One – it’s a SPRINT distance…I know I’ve said this several times already but I’m so ready to do a race that will take me 1.5 hours instead of nearly six. As a point of comparison, I could finish this race in the same amount of time as the Santa Barbara Tri took from the moment we started waiting in line on the beach to the time I got on the bike.

Reason Two – I have a plan! Courtesy of Sarah who I met in person for the first time on Sunday.

More about the plan in a moment. First I want to gush about how cool it’s been finding like minded spirits in the ether that I visit each day. I’m talking about fellow blogger / triathletes / people who make me smile, laugh, reflect and generally bring good cheer into my day.

There’s a fairly complete list over there on the right in my blogroll —>

I found Sarah after I finished the Santa Barbara Tri and started looking around for info on other triathletes. We exchanged a few comments, then a few emails, then discovered that we both know Morgan Filler my awesome open water swim coach. And we’re both horse crazy. And we both joined ski teams without really being skiiers.

And through Sarah I “met” other tri-women…women who just competed in the USA Triathlon Nationals! Kelly writes with good humour about what sounds like a very difficult race. Courtenay won a rockin’ bike for having the fastest female bike split in her age group of ALL women with a time of 1:03:17! And she’s not even a year into the sport. Watch out professionals! And Soda also competed in the event after only doing the sport for ONE year. I just love reading about their training. It inspires me and fills me with hope that improvements are possible.

I was driving from SF to Santa Rosa on Sunday to check on mom and her new hip. Sarah caught wind of my plan (ok, so I emailed her) and she invited me to join her morning bike ride. I was initially a little nervous to be cycling with a group but I had a GREAT time!

Tim and Lee and Sarah took good care of this newbie cyclist as we wound our way through lovely vineyards and along narrow farm roads with little traffic. Tim had some great tips for me to improve my cycling and Sarah and I got to know each other better. All good!

I kind of bombarded Sarah with questions about triathlon training since she’s such a tri-goddess. Once of my questions was how to taper for a sprint distance race. She outlined a great a training plan for my taper week and that’s added to my general level of confidence. It just feels good to have a plan!

Yesterday I ran a couple of mile with a couple of short sprints. Today I cycled about 40 minutes, again with a few short sprints. Tomorrow I do the same with the swim. Thursday is a REST day – love those! Then a short bike easy bike ride followed by a short easy run on Friday. See how it easy it when you have someone giving you good advice?

lucky to have tri-friends,



  1. really quick correction since i have too much pride 😉 mine was the fastest split of the day of ALL women, not just my ag, and my first tri was oct 4 2007, so i am not quite at my one year anniversary. i’m just sayin’. although, i do have a cycling background and it helps enormously.

    and i also correct people the other way… my cousin blogged about my “33 min 10k” at L.A. and i was like yeah i’d love to say that was true but really i ran a 38:50!

    sarah’s such a fantastic resource, and i know you’ll have a great race this weekend! get out there and have fun!

  2. Wow, congrats Courtenay – even better!

    And seriously…you’ve only been doing tris for one year?

    I am humbled.

    Thanks for the corrections…I’ll make it all good in the blog 🙂

  3. Thanks for the kind words. You made my day even more (see blog).

    I’m so glad you found Tim’s website – I forgot to email it to you! Definitely get in touch with him about routes around Oakmont, and any other bike questions you may have.

    You’re going to be awesome on Saturday! I wish I could go out and cheer you and my two other spin students on, but I’ll be in Hayward for XC. Can’t wait to hear how it goes. You go, girl!

    Oh and yes, Courtenay is officially a badass.

  4. That’s it. I need to move there and hang with you and your people!

  5. Yes, taper is definately one of the best parts of training. The race this weekend sounds fun! I love racing, so much more than training.

  6. ok, just so you dont get tooo intimidated by court when she says she ‘has a cycling background’, she WAS a pro cyclist before she got into tri so of course she kills all of us, it’s ok

    i know a couple of the cal triathlon people are doing that tri this weekend, it should be fun! good luck!

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